Saturday, August 26, 2017

on the soap box

45 is doing great things for WW2 did. If those folks were really into stewarding the country and honoring their religion they wouldn't have all the weakest members of society (minorities, old folks, sick folks, kids, the planet) in their cross-hairs. 
That is some straight up chimp behavior. 
No idea why the American Taliban don't get along with Isis, they are just as intolerant and they even share franchises of the same God. Groupthink yo. 
To their credit, I'm pretty sure the actual Taliban are a lot less racist than their American counterthugs, but the USA have fundamentalists who are ok with dancing and women driving so woo woo woo. 
Also our side cares so much about tax money they want money spent of a useless wall to solve a non problem. 
People aren't stupid, it's groupthink from years of rightwing programming mutating lots of worldviews. 
Lots of money and time were spent conditioning people to vote and act against their core beliefs and best interests. 
We need to find a way to free up some minds. Every town would be as livable as a college town if it weren't for the greediest few who own everything keeping us down.

a quick song

Thursday, August 24, 2017

We saw a "keep america great" hat dude at dinner last night.

We saw a "keep america great" hat dude at dinner last night.
He was eating with a lady and they both looked miserable.
They reminded me of the expressions of the American Gothic painting.
Everyone was having fun but them, I felt sorry for that state of affairs.
What a messed up mental prison they put themselves in compounded by everyone thinking they are easily the biggest douches in the room.
Folks made a wide circle around them and with good reason. That hat represents "study nothing, and or throw everyone under the bus".
Who could be that grumpy at a buffet?
Maybe they didn't like the company they were with. Across from them was a huge table of Polynesian folks as well as lots of black folks, middle eastern people, Latinos and "off-white" folks like me.
He was also the only person sporting a gun.
It made him look absolutely terrified.

Triciclo Circus Band

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My birthday cake looked like a burrito.

My familia kept asking me what kind of B-day cake I wanted. 
I didn't want anyone to care about my birthday so I just told them to make me a burrito and call it good. So my clown family took me literally. 
Even after they had finished the cake they asked a last time "what kind of cake do you want?" I say "burrito." They just nod and somehow avoided cracking up in my face. 
Glad I didn't ask for a joint instead. It would have been a very special cake but not as sharable.
 It wouldn't go over very well as a kind of cake to share with our local, black-footed, sharpie faced 'partments children. 
That's who ate most of the burrito cake. We all had dinner together in the parking lot

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I been rolling around injured for about a month.

Olive isn't tall enough to ride my bike. She can push it though. A tree took out my shoulder and I over extended something in my ankle running up and down my bike all day for miles and miles.
I don't say much but she knows. Her bike took the above pic, she said she could see I was in a bad way. 
I was only comfy in the saddle of my bike on level ground. On big hills I can't use my foot to power up the slopes like i normally do. I had to walk my bike limping with a messed up shoulder and ankle.
 It's very painful and embarrassing. People are used to seeing me smiling not grimacing like a heavy metal singer.
Olive hooked me up today by noticing me faltering and taking my slack up the Alameda rift. I'm all kinds of grateful.

i din't like the idea when she suggested it. My rig is really heavy but Olive rocked it up the hill to Alberta street.

She got us there. woo hoo. 
We got to perform for the only kid who was ever the only kid at a birthday party gig. He had all grown ups at his last bash but they were super cool adults so he was hooked up, still great to see him hanging out with tons of his peers.His Mama hooked us up with the gig. much gratitude to her.

Like what we do?
wanna pith in to the clowns?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Every Movie Space Battle Is Wrong! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Every Monday at 11am we ride bikes with the kids in Creston park. It's a free thing we put on to promote cycling.

 On the way out a dad and his kids were walking into the park when they spotted us. "Daddy who are they s'posed to be?
Who are they s'posed to be?" It must have been the last straw in a trying morning because he lost his cool.
 "Fer crissakes I don't know who they are s'posed to be Honey!".
"But Dad...who are they s'posed to be?" 
I almost fell off my bike laughing.