Friday, October 31, 2008

I love the emails that happen on the day of bigger's so fun!

(from Ringmaster Noah)
So. The modest circus performance at Howl is underway tomorrow night.
We should be there no later than 9, ready for stage no later than

Absolutely anybody is invited to come join the party. It will be a
fabulous party, and you'll get in for free. Other than that, the only
cash is what we can scrape together in the hat pass.

People who have said they are coming:

Dingo Dizmal
Jaine Powers
Tommy Twimble

We only have like 30 minutes to fill, so this should be plenty.
Still, do please let me know if you want in, or just show up. Looks
like a back-and-forth swing between sideshow acts by Dingo (lightbulb
eating, human blockhead, etc.), corporal mime bits from Twimble, and
one dance apiece from Jaine and NagaSita.



And I'll need help passing the hat and putting out flyers throughout
the performance. If anybody feels like coming to the show, but
doesn't feel like performing there, I will totes get you in there as a
hat/flyer passer. It would be great to have a few musicians backing
us up as well, if any of you windjammers are looking for a good time
on Halloween.

The party is at the former Hippodrome, 315 SE 3rd Ave. Every cool
Burning Man DJ in Portland is playing:

More info:

5000. - N.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Muddy Waters Coffee House THURSDAYS!

This gig ROCKS!
This gig has been paying my bills by itself!!!
This winter, expect a short movie about about me along with the directors other movie at a party/vaudiville show in a Portland Theatre (Baghdad or Clinton)It's gonna be WILD as the Texas wind.
The director wants us to tour the show all the way to India WOW!
I wish I could tell you where my next gig is but I don't know the address.
It's Holloween and I'm working with Ringmaster Noah M.

now my whole bike is the altar

I still liked this one.

mid may It was done...

I took this photo while casting the spell banishing rent from my life, I didn't know that within days I would fill that triangle box with cash and buy a house bike.
"No rent" happened, I just didn't expect it to be in the form of a house bike.
The Feral Punks have decided to buy the house they were just evicted from.
I thought they were crazy but lo- and behold it looks like they got the money.
I don't know how they did it, it looks like they raised the $50,000 to keep the house.
They arn't exactlly pagan (save for the clowns and clown children) but they all were casting "No Rent" Spells too.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm still pissed my kids got evicted

My kid hasn't gone to the same school more than two years, her whole life.
The landlord feels bad but he lost a lot of money in the stock market and I guess he didn't get bailed out.

playing banjo into the ground

Ever notice that when a song ends and you’re used to hearing the next song on the disk,
You know; the next song starts in your mind automatically.
Well, in my line of work I’m used to falling down or bike crashing at the end of some songs, that makes escalators really fun when I have headphones.
I picked "Lacy" from the Essential Elements Apothicary to do the Ballyhoo during my "Stunt Banjo" act.
She is large and in charge, she is loud and I'm pretty sure she works for free.

quite the mover, she can act and is a singer…but is she funny?

Creating a character for my friend O is going to be challenging let me tell ya, she is green, she is a wonderful dancer and quite the mover, she can act and is a singer…but is she funny?

The big thing in her favor is that to her, all magic is possible, if String Theory holds correct , then anything IS indeed possible…and in our case…probable.
I’m going to this little El Salvadoran place near Meticon bike shop ( 54th and Foster SE) get a Lengua Burrito and watch a couple hours of Spanish TV.
Why not?
You should too.
It’s just that building a clown from scratch is a skill, you have to take what is there and build around it…so it fits her.
Spanish TV is full of clowny women who fit her fantastic shape, I can get ideas about what style clothing is perfect for her, how long dark hair can be arranged to be attractive and fun but out of the way.
My hair is long too and I get make-up in it before it’s set all the time.
I’m looking for what a busty woman can wear and how she might hide her bust if she ever needed to.
Maybe someday we can go out as each other’s character, working on stuff just builds more and more trust.
I’m not finding the Dingo Cowboy hat that I need to re-invent the character.
It will be hard to put the make-up on since the cowboy clown died at the end of the Clown House.
It’s also important for the characters to have a place to live.

what I need for this gig

OK I have been asked to do a "presidential race" so I'll be the mad texan who is leaving office and announcing and I need four people to wear Obama, Mcain, and the two underlackeys that we are about to see duke it out.
Do you want to do a skit with me in front of lots of people?
I need the four parody contenders to race around the venue piggy back style, we have the masks, I just need the four humans.
The goig is soon so get to me ok?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wasted days and wasted nights:

The faucet had been leaking for two weeks, that’s irony.
The denizens of the Feral Punk House have made the water use in the house a priority, they always have.
Those kids don’t drain the bathtub so they can bucket flush, the laundry water drains into the garden, sink drains dump into buckets too, it’s real…real ironic what happened to them.
Amazing that to the best efforts, the landlord never came to fix the problem for two weeks.
That’s a lot of wasted hot water filling buckets in the tub for flushing.
What an expensive way to flush!
Yesterday, the Landlord came and fixed it YAY!
He also gave them 30 days to move out, he needs money now that the stock market crashed so he is selling the house.
This new development displaces three kids and four adults; I hear he felt awful about it.
My kid is in a good school!
The world had been beating The Feral Punk House down a lot in the past few months; they only want to be good world citizens.
The free food porch shut down and so was the free store.
They worked so long and hard on one more garden that won’t be feeding anyone.
If they need me, I will help them hunker down and just refuse to move again.
Caffeine thinks they can buy the house “For the People”, she needs 50 thousand down to get the house for 250000, she thinks she can get the money with benefit shows.
I think that raising money with showbiz is folly, isn’t the government “Bailing” people out?
Maybe not THOSE people, I think they should just squat some of the newly foreclosed on places, I would but I’m going to squat ones on Alberta Street.


I learned that I have to choc my tires and bolt my house down better.
If it’s not secured, just being inside makes it pitch and rock like an old tug boat.
The other day my friends looked out the window, they knew I was alone but saw my house bike shaking and rocking.
They burst in thinking I was having a seizure or upset.
I was only masterbating.
I wish I had thought to tell them I was chasing a cat.

Thanx Caffeine, thanx punks!, it took a village

My son is now potty trained!
Thank Goddess; it’s over, no more fecal fights!
Go Go Bruce!

with “O” sleeping next to me,

I almost had to deal with people.
The other morning I woke up hearing “I wonder what would happen if we woke him up?”
A “dude” who was outside my house spoke it; he was talking to about three other “dudes” standing at 41st and Hawthorne around 4am,
They were drunk, I was nude…to me that makes for a fair fight, I haven’t brawled nude in years. Lucky for all, they moved on and I went back to sleep.

at the Feral Punk House Meghan is ill

, against Caffeine’s advice she ate a lot of dumpstered pizza from Little Caesar’s.
The kids who live here have an uncanny ability to bound off into the wasteland and bring back free food.
They dumpster raw veggies, fruit, even tofurkey!
Since the new one opened down the street, the punks here at the Feral Punk House have been treating it like a second refrigerator…yuck, that stuff isn’t food when it’s hot.
Low quality pizza is gut glue so Meghan spent the night in the bathroom puking.
She was gonna watch one of the F.P.H. kids while Caffeine took the other two to church (1st Unitarian, downtown PDX) now I’m with my son, he is one funny dude.
I needed to get some time in so I can have off on Sat for the big show at Plan B.
My partner “O” got off work last night, I met her half way and we spent the night in the driveway of the F.P.H.
Finding a romantic partner that fits into my nomadic lifestyle is a blessing, the least I can do for her is to live near plumbing when she comes over.
Don’t get me wrong; she is no pansy, she likes when we live by show venues and in fantastic locations around Portland.
I thought about it, since we have been close we have spent the night in lots of places all over Portland, what an adventure!
Meghan got better last I saw.

O was sick

but I think she is on the mend, she is in her hometown getting well and being with her family.
I’m working on taking her and my boy back to Texas for a weekend, to Corpus Christi or maybe San Antonio.
I like Dallas, Austin and the hill country.
I wouldn’t care if Huston fell into the Gulf of Mexico.
The last time I was in Texas, I complained the whole time (mostly about the consumptive culture down there) the people made me sick.
I was a jerk to my family and bitched a lot (“Why do you guys have the sex hormone shampoo (Axe?)in a shower were everyone is related?”) maybe “O” and the boy can keep me cool.
I love my family and I love the natural Texas landscape…I’m made out of it.

I have invited a couple of musicians Ezza, and Geioff to join my in a musical production

, they did so well last night I HAVE to work with them Ezza is a song bird and Geoff and I may write up some nice speed metal Christmas songs,
Geoff served us up some “Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen during a show last week, he had been threatening me with that number for weeks.
I said “Yew aint playin no Bo Rap fool, that song is HARD to pull off.”
He claimed he could do it and BAM! He had the rafters shaking with voices as he got the entire crowd to sing along loudly, it was amazing, they were great, they were awful.
That got me sold on him as my next showbiz partner.
I think Geoff is hungry, talented and stupid enough to join my works
We just have to write up some good parody-metal-christmas songs.

What I ate in the House Bike this week:

2.5 gallons of milk
5lb carrots, loaf of wheat bread, about 30 cups coffee, 2 ice cream cones, 2 subway sandwiches (one on Powel and 52nd, nice crew but the bread SUCKED, one on Hawthorne and 3? Nice crew and the sandwich rocked).
Someone owed me $20 a long time ago, she saw me on the street and kicked me down that was cool!
Now back in the black, O and I went into the Paradox café and had $20 worth of pancakes and some Miso soup, holy crapola, that put me back to zero but it was worth it!
I had a plate of three Buckwheat cakes and she ordered two corn cakes.
When the wait-staffer brought the plates we were amazed, they were HUGE, too much to eat.
Next time we visit the Paradox, we will just get one plate and share.
Went to Safeway last night,
Snow Peas!
Raisins, French bread, some apples, some cold cuts.
It was cheap and I can eat it all raw, I love raw food, I love real food.
Food For Less and a supermarket near Foster and 67th have really cheap food but it’s really bad for you.
Sugar and salt in everything, if I didn’t know that the People want it, I would think they were trying to poison folks.

The new Mac I bought for $40 is acting like a kid with a learning disability.

It’s slow; it hates big programs and is falls asleep a lot during operating times, it’s helmet falls off.
I figger if I save up, I can get enough money to throw at it and have it function well.
Song ideas of today:
“I like Ice Cream”(the gall stone blues)
“I Missed you” (an assassin’s song)

my place

I can’t get over it, my house is well made.raining like god dumping his piss bucket on us and my house is dry and warm inside.
The roof is getting hammered by weather and I will have to resurface the thing before the weather gets really bad.
I started a spell called “Castle Keep”, it’s gonna run for three months or until I’m done with it.
I have scrawled it in runes inside my house so I see it everyday.
I wake up, stretch, (do body stuff), put on the song I need to program the day and meditate until it’s done.
It’s hard to hold concentration even with the crutch of music.
If I was a more talented wizard, I would be able to go into deep concentration without help.
Right now (in my house), the sun is coming out after lots of rain, I opened the shades in my windows and the place is full of light, I laughed out loud with glee!

This is funny,

I just got done with a gig and my house is parked nearby, close to a restaurant parking lot.
As far as they are concerned, the crew has done a fine job, I bet they did, it’s a good-sized place, it’s still kind of early, that’s a good crew.
One by one they are finishing side-work, getting a beer and joining friends.
All the customers are gone, time to let the hair out, have some beers and talk about the day…they are also passing around a pipe of weed.
I can’t smell it from here but they are coughing like mad.
I wouldn’t have noticed them but I thought someone was choking to death.
It’s so tempting to poke my head over the fence and asking if anyone needs a lozenge.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We need more open mics like tonight's

That was incredible, the Open Mic at Muddy Waters Coffee house just keeps getting better.
I got a fella to learn some heavy metal xmass songs to do this year.
I had a good payday too, people bought a lot of coffee beer and other food stuff in August and thats usually the worst month, I did ok.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rocking Frog Open Mic Night?

I tried to work out the Open Mic Rocking Frog but I hit a lot of brick walls.
It's done, it tanked, they seemed to want the magic without doing the support part.

People keep saying "How can your other events be packed with people but not the Rocking Frog Place?" well, all the other gigs have owners and crews that help me.
Other places also get me advertising and back me up on equipment.
It's hard to get an event going and harder to make it successful, I need all the help I can get, theres a lot of competition in Portland.
I started it off with a bang, created stir, made hype and promoted but in the third week I lost the two crew members that were actually making it work with me.
I think the owner may have not wanted it to work out, he replaced the gal who was a mover and a shaker with a lady who didn't give a crap about it at all.
People would ask me "what happened to Jaime and Michelle? now theres a rude lady and a man who wont even smile?"
They were looking at making a ton of money but I guess they wanted the magic without the's sad.

I feel let down, I had to turn a lot of regulars away last night, they were mad as hell, not at me, at the manegment.
One fellah told me the last owner of the shop was much better , I dissagree that shop failed from bad manegment too.
It was a fun place to park my house and a neat parking lot to work out the circus acts.

When I have my open mics, I look at other cafes and bars on the street, usually my gig has lots of people and the rest are empty.
I don't think I need to prove myself at this point, I just have to spend the winter moving my operation back to Alberta street where I belong.
I consoled myself after the gig by moving my bike to a new place I want to try doing gigs at.
I called "O" and she took a bus to where I was, we spent the night in my house bike talking and watching the 1980 movie with Shelly Duval and Robin Williams "Popeye" together.

Nice place to land my house

See my pad?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is pretty cool (click here)

From last year's rev party

click above
Last year's event marked the first time I ever waved a giant Soviet Flag off a tall bike in an American city.
I'm gonna blow this shizzy up!
BYOR – bring your own Revolution / Revolution Party № 3

October 25, Saturday, Plan B - International Party Carnival to celebrate every way to change the world for the better place.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to last year's Revolution, you know that you are in for a party unlike anything this side of St. Petersburg, Russia that is. This year's Revolution Party, rocking Plan B, will be one of the most talked-about events of the year again! From pilots to proletariats, gypsies to gigolos, Revolution 2008 is a celebration of revolutionaries of every kind!
Be a revolutionary yourself, come dressed as a representative of the Revolution of your choice and take a once in a (may be) lifetime opportunity to present your Revolution speech to everyone at our Free Speech Stage. For those who haven't made up their minds on who they should vote for, we are going to have a presidential candidate clownade rally followed by the race (lead by former Alberta Street clown Dingo).
Music is the main tool we use to express our revolutions and connect to the people of all ages, nations and believes. Here is what we are going to have on the main stage:
NIAYH – Now Is All You Have - Revolution of a Soul .
Chervona – RED and beautiful, always makes masses go crazy happy and dancing in Ukrainian Kazachyok stile.
Golden Greats - their roots are parties, golden boys playing great funk in very inventive revolutionary way!
MiruMir! – (Peace to the world!) you can't have a Revolution without is ex - SOVIET protester post punk comrades from Petrograd!
Also DJ Global Ruckus will entertain you all night with international mega hits .
The Master of Ceremony – the most famous Portland's Ring Master - Noah Mickens.

There are many groups of people and projects preparing surprises for the Revolution Party. Just to mention a few: The Cones, Russian Percussion , Mayakovsky-Poetry in Revolution and more. But those are underground secrets⋯ to be revealed when the right time comes.
Ask yourself, what will YOU do for the revolution?
"Plan B" 1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland, OR - (503) 230-9020
$5 , 21+, starts at 9pm

(then the battery died)

Right now I’m sitting pretty…well the ugly side of my house is facing the street and the side with that cool ass graphic is facing the sidewalk, that’s kind of pretty.
The paint is holding up really good in the rain (Thanks “Adapt”!).
“O” is at work, she won’t get out for a bit, I hope she comes and spends the night with me.

We have been alternating between, her place, my place, and sleeping alone so we miss each other we treat each other like gold, I’m so happy.
I love the rain, I’m really glad it’s back, I don’t mind it at all, rain equals more money since coffee shops fill up in bad weather and I need to keep my numbers up to keep the wave going.
I’m at 50th and Hawthorne, I love this spot.
Right at this moment, I’m waiting for my favoright Gyro spot to open (birtha’s) it opens at 8pm.
So while I wait (I’m by the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne) I thought I would see how long my lap top lasts (battery wise) so far so good, I still need another battery, I got this thing third hand.
People outside my house are arguing with each other, oops now they found me.
The guy is telling his soused, spouse what kind of wood my house is made of (it's made of foam and tape)...
I just know they are gonna knock on my door and say somthing stupid.
The man stuck his face in my open window and drunkenly told me how bad ass I am.
He got mad when I said “I can’t wrap my head around telling you all about my house, goodnight”, I turned to the screen where I was writing the above when he called to his lady "The man can't talk, he is on the internet!"
Now he thinks I’m an ass hole. They always need me to tell about my house, like I’m doing this as a service to folks .
I didn’t move in here to tell folks about it, I moved in because I hated rent.
I hated making other people’s dreams come true with my money, now I have to tell every head that pokes in my window what I’m about,* ick*, it’s like working for free.
That’s what I pay to live free and cheap.
I like the spot I picked, it’s got minimal foot traffic, and all the car traffic is fast and pointed away from me.
(then the battery died)


OK this is a wild night for the old Flying Flop House,
I have had many changes in location, I call it “Sailing into and out of, the deep water”.
I’m always looking for the next score, the next payday or show biz opportunity.
Once, a few Januarys ago, I walked by a very pissed off Miss.Claire (of the Big Bang Circus), she was mad because Portland was frozen solid and she couldn’t see any way to make the “daily bread”.
It was morning and this lady was complaining and pitching negative mind mantras for the day.
M.C. usually needs a crowd to make her living but nothing was moving.
Everyone was in their houses keeping warm, that gave me a golden idea-
As I walked out the door I picked up a dumpstered, plastic boat oar and bounded off into the neighborhood.
I walked door to door (leaving the oar by the curb) and asking an uncommon question for Portland OR.
“Hi I’m Dingo the Clown, wood you like your sidewalk cleared for five bucks?”
I made it $5 to entice them to have me do more work for them, dig it?
Now, my back is really strong and with the boat oar, I could clear the way in less time than it takes and old person to take a dump, I scooted right through that stuff like a berzerker!
In less than 45 min . I had about $50 and I had only gone two blocks!
They almost always paid better than $5 and I got to know my neighbors (Community building is my hobby) I made new friends!
I came back, showed the lady a wad of uncounted cash, she smiled, and we both went out.
In five or so blocks, I ended up with $80 all told and showed my friend that the streets are indeed paved with gold.
As we walked home, the sun came out and by the time we got to the Clown House, Portland was un-stuck, by lunch time it was all gone but some ice.
It all came together rather quickly, it’s not always that smooth but you get the idea.
Money, Clothing, Food, Friends, Influence and even Peace can be found anywhere if you look hard enough, by this point it’s just a function of my body to seek this out.
PRAY, PLAN, WORK, all three are important and must work in concert.
This is how I have always lived, from one side of the country to the other, I have flown through good times and bad, awesome and ugly, living by my wits and chasing the flocks, hunting when I have to and trying to remember to “Take time to Stop and eat the Roses”.
Sometimes it’s hard, long ago I took an oath to never Lie, Cheat or Steal, I have kept that vow a long time and it serves me well.
I would be a wealthy but unhappy clown if I resorted to those tactics the quality of life is much greater being honest.
I just have to hustle more.***

Monday, October 13, 2008

Figger this out

This is a photo of the camera that took this picture.
Nathan B is out tech clown, he frikkin rocks!
If you see me or Merica the clown showing movies, it's because he put prodjectors and all kinds of gadgets in our dirty little hands.

I'm writing for this show

Sam comes to all my Open Mics

raining...I love being warm and dry

My house was so warm and dry, I laughed out loud.
Two things made me laugh loud while house and thinking about the romance I'm embroiled in.

House Bike dropped in at CARL LARSON'S

He had chickens and his place was quiet, I saw some dudes down his street that I don't trust so I bailed, it was a fun afternoon.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Come to Muddy waters, the recesion deals are on!

The prices went down at Muddy's on 29th and Belmont!

Went to dinner with Magnus

Hung out with nice folks, made some new friends, I didn't have any clown stuff, it was just dinner.
After the meal the two of us sat for a spell deciding about Last Thursday and such matters.
My gal "O" was with her family celebrating her birthday.
I had hoped she would tell her fam fam about me but the time waaasn't right yet.
Think of how hard it would be to tell your folks you are in a commited relationship with a gypsey king who lives in a bike.
It don't help that I'm the same age as her folks, hope they know I take good care of her.
I chased away all her demons and helped her get a job, when she is having health problems, I'm there with her, we really hook eachother up.
Maybe if Magnus and I establish a new clown house building, she can help me run it.


laptop still not working so well

I thought I would be blogging more, now I need a battery I guess.
I couldn't get one yesterday because when I got home from work everything was closed.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

my kids...just as stoked as I to know "O"

Our set at Last Thursday on Alberta

Expect HUGE things come spring~

Mason died

Pink Floyd founder Nick Mason kicked the bucket, I shed a tear, thanked him for the inspiration and listened to Dark Side of the Moon.

Dug a ditch today

Not for fun, I did it for money!


At Rocking Frog Tue. 25th and Belmont

My friends Mr, Bitner and Mr.Kirtch.

Can you imagine getting into a bike wreck, looking around, seeing nothing but white light...

then you hear giggling...and see a couple looking down at you...

As you lay there dazed we appear and explain to you what the two of us mean to each other.
then we walk off holding hands...
That would suck to be you.
Sorry Jason

MY boy declaired POPE!

I was so proud, his adviser and I went right to work creating a puppet papacy.

The cat layed eggs!

Just kidding, this cat dissapeared from the Feral Punk House, one of them called me and asked if I killed the cat.
Why would they do that?
I had mentioned that the cat was in such ill health that it "Needed a good mercy killin'" I was just kidding but I'm glad the feral punks think I'm that heartless.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


I have been parking my house bike in a drive way every few weeks in a spot that was littered with spilled pinto beans.
They tell me it was a giant 50 lb bag of beans, rather than pick it all up, they spred it all around that section.
It made a fun driveway until the rains hit this weekend.
See the beans did what beans do when wet, bloat and stink.
They were awful, I was slipping around like a moron trying to get my house out yesterday.
I moved my house because it's my weekend, no kids, no gigs till next week, I can fly out to where it's quiet and theres no crowd.
I like laying down my trailor in places my partner "O" likes, fun romantic locations where we can be loud.
We spent part of a night at my place watching Labyrinth and making love, then went on a long adventure walking the streets of Portland in the late night.
Last night I went and got her from work, we went downtown to that big fountain across from an auditorium with all the waterfalls and big stone squares, someone had dumped a bunch of detergent in the huge fountain and as we came to the edge we beheld a HUGE cloud of suds at the bottom.
It was raining a little and we shared the expierience of stone, falling water, night rain and Portland itself together,
I dipped my bike in the suds and we held eachothers hands in the moon.
Lots of other people were out and they also found the suds fun, it was too cool to see so many straingers frolicing together.
We took a bus to her house.
Today is her birthday and she went out to the outlands to celebrate it with her family, she can't exactly tell the parents that she is now in an amazing romance with a clown king who lives in a box by the road and is as old as they are.
It's the first heart break, not being part of another family, they will maybe come around...if they love her.
She is going to be accomplishing lots of things and I want to be there with her.
Tonight Im having dinner with Magnus in North Portland and then I thnink I need to try and check on Nathan B.
I got a bike to ride thats not a tall bike just to get around, it's been fun.
I am going to repark my house in the bean driveway tonight, I think that since "O" has a stack of photos of us enjoying eachother and my children, there may be a good chance she will be spilling the beans (about us) at the same time I'm spilling the beans (all over my house bike).
Pray for me ok?

Friday, October 03, 2008

I saw a couple walking a little dog and holding a hub cap

I asked them, "can the dog really catch that thing in mid air?" I could tell by the look on thier faces that they had been expecting me to say something stupid or funny, they had stern faces sporting frowns and furrled brows but the look in both of thier eyes was glee at best.
"Yes of couse he can!"

OK new lap top, it’s great!

I know what your gonna say...Hay man, thats no lap top, it's a jar full of Alkaseltzer and dish soap.
You would be correct, I was having fun with the stuff, testing the photo options.
I don’t know exactly how to use all the buttons but I had to do something…I had no blog or email.
Not bad, I payed $40 for the lap top and $100 to get them to make it recognise the internet, now I can blog a lot more.
I’m in Muddy Waters Café doing the morning after thing, had a wonderful night here last night.
The crowd was kind, they were entertaining, philosophical and funny.
I worked with the people who were at hand, we created a show out of the blue and off the cuff.
That’s usually not my style but I had to, after working with the kids I do stuff with on Last Thursdays I found it almost impossible to do scripted comedy, so I’m writing for cats again.
“Writing for cats” is my way of saying I have to write around what the group is already going to do so I don’t have to expect them to learn a script.
The Open mic on 25th is getting better and better all the time, I'm also still hosting open mics at the Apothicary on Hawthorne street most Fridays.
I'm still embroiled in an amazing romance with "O", we have been dating all over town, taking long baths and making love like titans.
We have been taking great care of each other,We are so much alike; I feel like I have become a two headed snake...only it's really two snakes and they are mating, molting and eating all at once.
I love seeing someone who is excited to see me every time we meet.
I may be working with Ezza and Kelly the belly...dancer very soon, I'm also trying to get a big baby puppet built.
I gotta wish Nathan B. a happy recovery, I don't know why he was in hospital and I don't have his number, hope he is ok.