Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Magnus, new Clown House -a -brewing!


You and the Clown House have become larger then life in Alberta mythology.
You seemed surprised when I mentioned something like that last Thusday.
There is tremendous support to bring the Clown House back to Alberta. I
think we can get funding to make that happen. It might take a little while,
but a little while will happen anyways so we might as well have some results
at the end.

The place was packed when I saw you! Great job! My mind wasn't on music, but
next time I'll stay to listen.

I've told a few people about the clown theme for LT. Everybody loves the
idea. I have two meetings with the City between now and the 21st. By then
I'll know if they are going to allow a street closure for the July LT, or if
we need to do it ourselves. I'll contact you again after the 21st.

Thanks for lining up another crew.

Oh, I am getting the cars that I used to block the street back! I just
figured that the City would keep them, but that is not how the system works.
I have to pay towing charges and some storage, but I'll get them back. We
could create a stage on top of one of them fairly easily with plywood if
that is of interest to you.

Take care,


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