Saturday, August 06, 2016

hold the line.

Hey Portland (and Minneapolis) Trump is coming to town. I been hearing rumblin's and murmers about the people's response. Folks are understandably angry. Trump wants to be leader of the U.S. but already he has insulted our 4th largest trade partner, alienated and angered our allies, threatened the environment and given voice to low info citizens to vote against their own best interests. His words are over and over proven unfounded and deceitful but tragically, childish cons work brilliantly when your followers want your lies to be true. Trump divides our people, makes us an embarrassment to the rest of the world and can't wait to tank our economy. He is also the best running mate Clinton ever had. Without the Trump she would really have to own her own actions. This is all from facts i have off the top of my head. It's clear he is a bad guy. People in informed places know what to do when guys like this come to town. Unite, inform the masses, raise hell without breaking our own city. Portland and Minneapolis are really good at that. Regretfully my instincts tell me that everyone should hold back. It's far too soon to take to the streets in earnest. Political protests and demonstrations are one of the most powerful rights we have. It's the checks and balances, the best part of democracy. Plenty of folks will line the roads as he comes holding signs, getting the message on the tv and letting them know what's up. I suggest most of us hold back. Wait for the outcome of the election. No matter what, you will have 4 years at least for them to make a file about you, don't blow your cover on this guy, he is probably not intended to actually be elected. I'm going to save the world from home on Trump day. I want to concentrate on teaching folks how to spot propaganda and other tricks that create such negative groupthink. Just a suggestion from a guy who has been there for almost 2 decades. When it's yellow, leave it mellow, when it's brown, flush it down. ~DtheC

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