Monday, November 30, 2009

Sadie LaGuerre

So I looked acrossed the stage the other night an immediately started laughing.
I spied Sadie LaGuerre about to make her entrance doing a "Lamp Dance".

I can't wait to call this lady "Boss".

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I guess we gotta burn that bridge when we come to it.

Our friend moved out on us suddenly this month and it left us in a pickle.
Now I gotta pay three rents like a sucker.
I have been around for a long time. I don't fear anyone or any thing other than the safty of my children. In this life it's hard to catch me with my pants down unless I want them down.
Y'know there is one thing that can thwart me easily ...wait for it..."A Surprise".
The surprise came like lighting; a lit fart in my face first thing in the morning.
It also made me question why I give so much loyalty if it's not so appreciated.
It's ironic that I had the last 5 shows be packed with fans and a lot of folks pre ordered Dawg Snax for gift season so I made a lot of money this month.
Now my windfall seems to be draining into the abyss rather than into the future, I was going to buy a vending machine.
Surprise Y'all-- it's a mutha trucka.
Don't think I'm telling you what my Kryptonite is, a surprise can foul you up too.
We didn't get a room mate, we did get a lot of flakes though. It's not a total loss, my little book of who not to trust just got more comprehensive.
I gotta pay LOTS of bills this week and I gotta decide who gets shorted, our rent,my kids rent, phone, or sadly internet.
As Jusby the clown found out last Friday; I make money just standing in the street with my tall bike working the crowd. The thing is...I'm not motivated if I can't keep the dough.
I'm sorry to write about crummy stuff on this fun blog...I just forget dark moments sometimes and I want to be able to see the problem and how it came together.

Parabliss performing at Dante's

Parabliss - Sinferno 8.16.09 from Sean Strauss on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

tonight I'm bringing a pinata full of ping pong balls!

Benjamin R. Balzer ...he likes cake.

Hey B.B. I gotta ask a personal question...Do you like cake?

"I do believe so, though I'd prefer to allow for a revisitation of that issue were I to come across a surly or less-than-polite cake. As of yet, I've liked every cake I've come into contact with, and don't anticipate that to change much in the future, but I do enjoy a life slightly off the beaten path and must account for the effect of such welcome degrees of chaos on my life :)"

I took this at 4pm in the afternoon sometime last year

Friday, November 27, 2009

Last week our Thursday night open mic was joined by Eak the Geek from Coney Island New York!

Eak the Geek is a Sideshow Entertainer who visited us last week. This old boy is scary as hell and well he should be...he makes a good living being so.
He really is a charming and lovely man who had the crowd scared at first and then smiling ear to ear next. He used an Open Mic slot to do a freak show stunt ...HECKS YEAHSIZ! Eak was traveling to Venice beach CA. to work the crowds down in the sun country. Not a bad idea with winter starting to bite a little.
The man lives to perform so he was happy to drop in on us and pull a few large men from the startled audience. I knew he was coming well in advance but I didn't see the need to tell anyone else until the day of.
What a treat friends...

back ta da program!

Chervona! Alberta Public House , 1036 NE Alberta , Portland, OR $5

Дорогие друзья,
нашей любимой группе Червона стукнуло 3 годика! Собираемся в Субботту 28го Ноября, в 9 вечера в
Албёрта Паблик Хауз. Alberta Public House , 1036 NE Alberta , Portland, OR $5 в качестве подарка
В программе плясовые и танцевальные , забойно - зажигательные несни. Полный бар, недорогие напитки.
Приходите оторваться! Подробности на ангийском:

Brothers and Sisters,

Over the last 3 years Chervona has played about 150 performances all over NW of America. Thousands of people from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles watched, listened and DANCED to Chervona's music calling Chervona - Best NW Party Band!
Also, it's 2 years since we've started our monthly Chervona Party! at Alberta Public House
Come and join us for this special moment: cake, chocolate, cocktails, laughter's, dancing and much more happiness you 'll find
this Saturday, Nov 28th at 9pm @ Alberta Public House , 1036 NE Alberta only $5 at the door or bring a wrapped present and win the best present contest!

Our friends an AMAZING band Juan Prophet Organization will be sharing the stage with us and Pat'n Apple will open the night performing few songs at the very beginning. The world famous Alberta Clown House's leader Dingo and Chervona's own Muse Rozalma will be hosting the night, while DJ Ded Moroz will be spinning the best European Hits!
Rasputin Special and borsht all night!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm headed to Muddy Waters tonight for some Vagrant dinner.

Here are some of the folks who were at the Open Mic last week.

Alyssa and Aloe keep the drinks and food flowing.

Justin comes all the way from Woodburn Oregon!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I call it..."Ass parade at the Sideshow Speakeasy"

Some nice fellows showed up at Dante's Inferno room in Downtown Portland to make a movie about us last week.
I thought "I don't know what I'm doing...maybe I can make a movie!"
So tonight I just raked through my big collection of crappy photos and set it to a song that I wrote to play at about this time of year.It's a Christmas song about sweat shops overseas that make the toys kids here don't really give a dump about.
That song is the only song that I own (that's recorded) and it's from my band Pepto Dizmal. I call it a band even though it's only my ex Caffeine Jones and myself doing all the sounds and voices,"Nuttin for Christmas".
The recording is from a few years back at the Clown House.
The photos are from about 15 of the 20 or more shows we have done at the Sideshow Speakeasy.
Its so funny to me I'm cracking up.I still have to re-work it...I didn't use half the photos and I have never done this before.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pants-ing Andrew Stockholm from Wolfmother

Imagin a world class rock band comes to your work and helps with all yer stuff! Wolfmother is in town and they stopped by the Sideshow last night to see the show. They didn't know that they would end up being a part of all three of my Sideshow Speakeasy segments. This pic is Andrew Stockholm, playing a game of "Whats Up Your Ass?"before that one of the other guys in the band ate a dozen hard boiled eggs vs a lady. The man didn't win but he put on a hell of a fight...both people puked eventually. The band is from Australia so I had to make sure it was legal for me to shoot one of them with the tampon gun.

And then theres the rest of Portland

olive and i at work...and of course our friend Mercury Rising

Took a nice train ride to Gresham to work on a TV show

My woman went off to school and I took the long train ride to another town,

My job was studio audience INFOtainment, puoring wine and directing traffic...also I was a co host understudy.

Here the director is telling this gathering of invited guests that they just won a shot at a "Royalty bearing" CD of jovial music to be given out as a premium when people pledge money to a telethon. What a break! I let everyone at my open mic know that a song writing contest was in effect but I don't think any showed up.

The contestants were interviewed and some will be able to come to the final event at the Baghdad theatre in a few weeks.