Thursday, September 27, 2018


T.B.T. One of the times I found $20 on the ground. Olive asked "Why do you always find $20 on the ground? I said, "Because I'm always looking for $20 on the ground.

japan friends go home. Great week they spent with the clowns.

Wow this dude really likes pizza.
I just showed my new homie from Japan how to make a pizza from scratch.
He is returning to Japan unemployed and mentioned he wanted to get into the pizza game.
They are leaving tomorrow.
We will miss our newest single serving friends. Tonight i took dude on a tallbike night mission. Olive was sewing with his lady.

I asked him to come with me on a mission to deliver some food to a preggers lady. He doesn't really speak English so all I had to do was point to our contented hens and say "Wanna ride bicycle?"
I loaded my hoopty, squared him away with a bike light and we took off.
He hadn't realized how fast we roll.
I took off and eventually hear him screaming behind me "Soo sorry, I'm coming."
I slowed down and soon we found our pace together.
I admire this dude. For not knowing English he is killing it with the communication.
This wouldn't work if we all weren't really expressive anyway. We got to where we were going and he got to see a very grateful pregnant woman and shortly after that a pot tree.
He was apprehensive but curious because it's highly illegal in his town.
We took off. On the road he got to experience how people cheer for us as we go by. He was smiling ear to ear. When I got home I was baffled by the convo Olive was having with the other guest.
She was telling the lady "so I told her, I'm a grown ass woman and I'm not about to be hearing what she is saying." I wasn't aware that Olive ever said anything like that. I am aware that her Japanese counterpart had NO idea what she was saying at that point.
Other than that the language barrier, was no barrier to her friendship with her new friend.
They are tight. and have a lot in common.
Me hanging out with the dude was a little different. language isn't so big a deal because we don't mind sitting around not saying anything. When we were on the road, folks cheered at us and I could hear my friend cheering back in the thickest Japanese accent ever. "AAaaaAah"
I'm gonna miss this Th
y thanked us for being such good hosts. We said "We aren't hosts, we don't work here, we are just the clown who live in the attic. :)
i found out what Olive was talking about. She was telling her new friend what to say, not what she said. Our friends had shared a cab with some drunk, pregnant, obnoxious women.They were being condescending and Olive was giving her some tough language to fend off the dumdums. They were very taken with the friendliness of Ptown don't get me wrong.They were delighted at how many strangers on the street said hi as they passed. They also noticed the temperament we have around light rail. "In Japan when train late everyone very angry, in Portland when train late they go have beer."
nailed it.
a great way to impress me is to ride my bike.
We did a little rock show for them in the living room and then made balloons last night. After that we found out my Man had a trick up his sleeve. Turns out he in one of the few dudes in his world who still rock fundochi (traditional underwear). The couple met when they were volunteering at a festival honoring ancestors. He liked wearing the old school skivies so much now it's his jam (um i guess that isn't the best expression). His lady told him to model so we got to see this very dignified fellow come out wearing three different fundochi. While they were in the back doing changes Olive turned to me grinning wide. "I didn't expect an underwear show tonight." lol Olive knows how to make them now so I guess I get to be the next model. She is sold on the funduchi. I doubt she will use traditional Japanese cloth. I expect she will build mine out of one of those rubber bath mats with the hundreds of little suction cups. We recycle around here.
Goodbye Friends!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

friends from the land of the rising sun.

Our house rents out rooms.
By some interesting coincidence, last night both rooms were rented by early 30 somethings from The land of the rising sun. Japan.
It was our great honor to show them our life and ask about theirs.

This morning we made them coffee and showed them how to ride our tallbikes. 

Oops layed it down.

This dude was a natural.
Nice day for a ride.

My bike takes a pic every 5 seconds so I got a lot of pics. This post is for them to choose what pics they want.

That was fun. Now to show them my office.

yes, my office is a cardboard box. They thought that was a riot.

He is asking "Is...that Marijuana?"
Calls his lady and friend.
They watched me roll a doobie. They politley applauded when I was done. I said "American origami"

I never mention people's names when I talk about them. If anything they do in our country gets them into trouble in their country, I don't want it to be because I gave up their names. "Security culture" is international.
They didn't want any but they were facinated watching and photographing me smoke a joint by myself. That works for me.

We will miss these nice folks. I wish we all lived closer.

If this guy lived here I would want to ride with him all the time. He was good and confident.

Good times. 
We collected more Japanese language and three new friends this morning.  
That was great. It's so sad to see one of them go. 
We get to keep the other two a few more days. I hope they are having a great honeymoon here in the states.
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