Saturday, November 04, 2017

Republican and Democrat are like Coke and Pepsi

Republican and Democrat are like Coke and Pepsi, easily available, sweet tasting to many, but very unhealthy to all. The crummy part is that more folks are willing to buy Coke and Pepsi than are willing to get informed and politically act in ways that ensure that both the water in the pipes and the leadership of the country are clean and healthy. Y'know, in a way that is a good example to the next generations. It's the difference between being a "symbiotic resident of Earth" and "Humanity, the self collapsing invasive species".

The two political parties are mutated to shine different people in different ways. Just because the Democrats aren't as primitive as Republicans doesn't make them any more qualified to lead the USA.
Democracy is dependent in the assumption of an informed public.
That isn't the case.
People pick the news they want to hear so we have a dis-informed public flying blind.
The public isn't informed enough to vote correctly.
No matter what, both parties are too beholden to donors to be effective representation of We the people.
I still think a random scout troop would run the country better.
I would trust a pack of Cubs to play nice and shoot straight. To them a foul play is a foul play, end of story.
(To be fair!) Soda pop is very good for some things like removing corrosion from rusty tools and cleaning. Transversely if many of the politicians I'm sick of watching were to change vocations to muffler shop janitors, that would also make the world a much better place. :)

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