Sunday, July 02, 2017

Looking for a job?

Looking for a job?
Here's a trick I used to get any job I wanted even though I looked rough and/or wasn't qualified.
Instead of making a resume I would just grab a stack of Wendy's applications.
I would fill them out, add better info before delivering them to every place near my house.
That way your employment request never gets lost in a sea of resumes.
Management WILL notice the bright pink one with the fast food logo and bring your ap out for scrutiny.
Also, if they hire you, you know they are the type of folks who would put up with whatever other hi-jinks come with having you as an employee.

 I once got a job driving a gas truck in Dallas Texas and it was months before anyone realized I not only didn't have a commercial license, I didn't have any license.
The station was near my house and I wanted a night job. I got the gig with a hilarious McDonald's application that never asked license info.

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