Monday, July 03, 2017


I don't like things manufactured in other countries mostly for patriotic reasons but I particularly dislike "chinasport" items.
In the Clown House we called things like bikes made in China "Chinasport" because no matter how crappy the thing, it would always have the word "sport" somewhere on it.
Think of the pollution chain when something like a deck chair is made, shipped overseas, trucked to Walmart, (it lasts less than a couple years) then it rots on the landfill off-gassing more pollution.
Every town could be as livable as a college town if it weren't for outfits like Walmart undercutting the American worker.
Walmart is the single biggest employer in the nation. That's gross. Another Chinasport item that could use some local manufacturing is mic stands.
The guy at the music store tells me that all the mic stands are such cheap chinasport that they never last very long.
We have to replace our mic stand at least once a year, I thought it was just us being rough and tumble with our gear...turns out it was designed to fail.
The guy said that get a long lasting mic stand that is light enough for our bikes, we need to find vintage ones made in America.
I would pay extra for a modern one made in America. I think people should be offended to be called "consumers" and strive to be called "contributors" (fer the reals).
OK rant out, have a good day, go make stuff.

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