Saturday, June 10, 2017

We have been doing a lot of miles on the old tall bikes these days.

We have been doing a lot of miles on the old tall bikes these days. I actually had to train for this season.
We got a flashy car in trade for some dolls this winter and I had gotten a bit soft. Now I log sometimes over 20 miles a day carrying myself, huge bike and heavy gear.
Olive is also a heavily laden maiden with all her stuff.
We are getting recognized more than ever.
We counted 8 interactions in just half a block.
We get a few grumps as well. One dude rolled his window down and yelled "Yer gonna get someone killed" I started riding my bike Behemoth circa 2004 (built by the genius Topher Moore ) and so far that has never happened.
I wanted to say I have a clean safety record dating back a decade but at the next light all I could say into his window was,
"It's cool Mr. Ottastate plate, we totally own this shit Yo."
I don't think I was helpful but it sure was satisfying to say. Then we rolled into a park.
After turning a corner we found ourselves among about 30 native Americans having bbq.
They all immediately started cheering and a circle of men drummed loudly for us.
Their approval means a lot to me, I teared up a bit. That was fantastic, wish we could have stayed and visited with them. Today we rocked a 2 year old's party in North Portland. It's partly sunny partly chilly today so luckily I didn't show up a sweat ball.
Show went great even though it was one kid and a ton of adults. They were all hip to our show so it worked out.
On the way home we had even more interactions with people cheering and carrying on.
We had some Thai food (made the crew balloons) and rode home happy. Now is the fun part, licking each other's wounds...wait, that didn't sound right...
Big howdy to all our friends we saw today as well.
Very sorry we couldn't stop. Big Thank you to the Burke family and TJ Lebay for helping me get my bike conditioned for the heavy duty duty. Also thanks to the folks who donated funds on our web site. That bought new tires and new chain, that was clutch. It's a great town to be a clown.
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