Thursday, June 15, 2017

Just got $5 from a stranger on the street.

Just got $5 from a stranger on the street.
I asked "do you have a kid that comes to our shows?" Dude says "Nope, this if for being an opinionated prick on the internet, keep it up."
I know he reads me because "opinionated prick" is what I call myself when I'm forced to post something political.
That's not the story I'm bringing though, just the backstory.
I took the $5 and went to my favorite video lottery. I mostly go because I like hearing old people swearing (well worth $5) but if i get a little win, then I can get some ganja.
I didn't win anything. I also didn't lose because they give me free soda and hotdogs plus I'm entertained.
The dude next to me wasn't doing so well. He was losing a lot of money. Every time his game spun he would let out really distressing noises.
I came to find out he was gambling his rent to try and also score money for his prescription meds.
I can't judge him at all. What else is he gonna do? He didn't look pretty or healthy, how else would he get some funds legally?
Soon this poor sap lost a big chunk of his rent and it was hard to hear him so distressed.
As slim a chance as state sponsored gambling is, it's the only thing for many people to have any chance.
The government loves pill companies.
They have a racket keeping meds expensive and the first thing doctors suggest to sick folks.
So what is the solution? It's only gonna get worse.
How can someone who is in bad shape get some money for da pill man?

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