Monday, May 29, 2017

"We didn't hire you--" me: "Yes you did" them: "No we didn't."

 Interesting state of affairs. We were hired to make balloon hats last min. in a line going into a dance club. We were told it was a prank. 
The cops required that there be no hats permitted but added a clause excluding balloon hats. So someone hired both of us to make balloon hats. That is an expensive prank. 
We put our stuff on and went across town as fast as we could. 
The security didn't know what to make of us.
 I was never told that the event company didn't hire us so I pled my case over and over (thinking they were being thick). 
Turns out someone else hired us and the company had no idea who we were or why we were there. I guess the joke was on us too. They (security) kept asking us to wait (for them to find out why we were there) but we couldn't NOT make balloons so we made a bunch of them. It was taking security a long time to deal with us so we just kept pumping out hats. 
Eventually, the boss of security showed up and asked the question they were all asking "Who sent you?" The check cleared so we didn't care who sent us; our job is making balloons. Eventually security (who were very nice to us b.t.w.) told us that the guy that hired us didn't work for the company putting the event on. 
They were saying that the organizers definitely didn't want balloons in the venue. 
They politely asked us to leave. We went the long way, handing out as many balloons as we could to the happy people. Our son got to see yet another odd job his parents routinely get sent on.

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