Friday, April 28, 2017

Clown in a hole

Drunk driving Dodge challenger pulled over sans one of the wheels. The driver is perplexed. LOL I'm still in clown drag, sitting in a hole (with a cardboard box over it) filming rats and listening to the cop radio. Busy night. Kids are skating on a rooftop triggering lots of alarms, an electrician was stealing things right in front of his customer, they think he is high on something There is the usual gang fights, shop lifting and traffic craziness but this stood out. A middle aged man standing in a doorway hurling abuse at everyone walking in and out of the business, then there was a pause "Possible mental health issues..." I was laughing my head off in the hole under the box. Also there is a cow loose on one of the Portland streets so look out for that. I'm in a hole (with a cardboard box over it)in clown drag filming rats on a day that the landlord is showing an apartment. I didn't even know one was open. Two different men approached me in my hole looking for #5. I opened the lid of the box and politely told them where to go. They didn't ask me any personal questions so I'm thinking either one would work out fine here. This also means that two people told the landlord that a clown in a hole (with a cardboard box over it) told them where she was. We have never met so that may have come acrossed as odd. I was half expecting to hear a "clown in a hole" call on the cop radio.

With all the crazyness going on in the world, it's very relaxing to just care about this one quiet spot. I'm a hustler. Our place infested with giant rats terrify a lot of tenants understandably. I see them as actors who work free and do their own special effects. It's just up to me to write something watchable around them.

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