Friday, October 21, 2016

Measure 97

Reading my trusty Oregon voter's guide. Measure 97. It increases corporate taxes when sales are over 25 million. Right now Oregon charges the least amount of tax for corporations in the nation.
At the same time, I'm seeing all the money those corporations spent on propaganda ads. Selling lots of fear.The handbook says the tax rev goes to schools and senior services.
 I love old people and just talking to folks it's easy to see we need MORE education. Lots and lots of dummies banging around. Olive and I make about as much per year combined as one waitron. 
Still we have to pay %15 of it to taxes (right out of our tip jar). That doesn't seem fair. Our business is eco friendly and supports small biz, those huge corporations aren't nearly as cool as we are. I'm voting for that measure. I hope folks don't buy into all that goofy radio, internet and tv advertising. They are protecting the racket. Happy voting!

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