Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We met the coolest Tow truckist. Our truck broke down.

the other day Olives van broke down on the way to our show. We were rolling in Sellwood to our Peter piper play cafe gig when all of a sudden liquid poured out the bottom. Truck was dead. The folks honking behind us sure were surprised to see clowns and kid pour out of the vehicle. We shoved it off the exit ramp "Frogger" style. Luckily Samantha Polizzi our favorite roller derby roller Mom was passing by. She gave us a lift and the show went on! Rock on Rose city rollers! Now we had a vehicle stuck in the burbs. We really don't know what to do about that. Also big thanks to Storytime Dad Mark for giving us a lift home. When we got back Dingo blabbed what happened onto the internet. Within moments a friend offered us her AAA towing service. Shortly after that our neighbor came over. She saw the post and offered to help wrenching the van.So much kindness.Then we met the coolest Tow truckist. He was helpful, kind , courteous. He declined a balloon animal but did let us selfie him. When he left we realized he never asked any of us for any information. Big thanks to the kindness of so many folks. Thanks for helping keep our wheels on the ground.

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