Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We met the coolest Tow truckist. Our truck broke down.

the other day Olives van broke down on the way to our show. We were rolling in Sellwood to our Peter piper play cafe gig when all of a sudden liquid poured out the bottom. Truck was dead. The folks honking behind us sure were surprised to see clowns and kid pour out of the vehicle. We shoved it off the exit ramp "Frogger" style. Luckily Samantha Polizzi our favorite roller derby roller Mom was passing by. She gave us a lift and the show went on! Rock on Rose city rollers! Now we had a vehicle stuck in the burbs. We really don't know what to do about that. Also big thanks to Storytime Dad Mark for giving us a lift home. When we got back Dingo blabbed what happened onto the internet. Within moments a friend offered us her AAA towing service. Shortly after that our neighbor came over. She saw the post and offered to help wrenching the van.So much kindness.Then we met the coolest Tow truckist. He was helpful, kind , courteous. He declined a balloon animal but did let us selfie him. When he left we realized he never asked any of us for any information. Big thanks to the kindness of so many folks. Thanks for helping keep our wheels on the ground.

Saturday, September 03, 2016


I met a man with a lot of money today. When he made his fortune he could have built a McMansion but he didn't. He just fixed up an old house and called it good. Joe likes having a porch, knowing his neighbors and riding a bike everywhere, he also loves historic places.

I met Joe while busking in front of his wife's shop during art walk. He is the third owner of a house built at the beginning of the last century. This guy isn't letting anything happen to it. He also works hard to keep the surrounding houses intact.
What a great guy.

 That is so rare in the new frontier of blind capitalism. Is this normal for Portland? Oh wait, did I say Portland? Sorry I'm in San Antonio Texas.
Yes Texas, Rick Perry, Gee dub, Cruz,home of the worst corporations, politicians, wonky text books,and macho guns and big trucks actually owns some districts with a strong social consciousness and willingness to act like higher beings. Win!

It makes sense. San Antonio is largely focused on history.
They like to remember that time that a franchise of a nationalism themed corporation martyred itself while stageing a hostile takeover of another Nationalism themed parent corporation's real estate asset...in a frikkin hellatious bloody battle in a religion themed corporation's regional home office.
My brother made me go to the Art walk to see something different and I was really glad he did.

We finally saw gay folks, mimes, bohemians, folks rocking hand made clothes and rocking to their own music. and hella kids on bikes. I was sold. They made a plan for everyone and stopped the big guys from eating up everything.

They have urban planning nailed down while my town can't get rid of the artists fast enough. We have a neighborhood called Alberta arts that few if any artists could afford to live in.
My new friend used to be a teacher. One of the city planning lessons he taught was about Portland and Seattle. He was shocked to hear Portland dropped the ball so hard. He gave me a lot of ideas to chew on. I hope someone thanked him. Some of those houses he is saving were built by my great uncle a long time ago. That craftsmanship really can't be duplicated. Thank's Joe.