Monday, September 14, 2015

Photo shared by Nate Storm Snell. Thanks Nate!

They made my bike look like a small pony. :)

I was waiting for this a long time. For years now, when i see a Japanese tour bus unloading (on that part of Hawthorn street) I like to make em giggle by driving at them, flailing my arms wildly and yelling that phrase that somehow never needs translation "No Brakes". If they look concerned I chill out but if they go along with the ride, they run hollerin while I chase them making quick Godzilla noises before shagging out of there. If I have time, I do stop and pose with them for proper photos. It usually happens so fast though the only photos they catch typically are of my back. This is a riot. Love it. This is a riot. Love it.

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