Monday, August 03, 2015

Visiting our friends in Demascus

Tough day at the office, just kidding it was totally rad. Spent the day doing a private gig in Damascus. It was nice to be invited back. They gave a warm welcome and we were treated as old friends. We got to meet a powerful matriarch and toured a fantastic subterranean complex. Rocking out for little ones was a blast too...but that's always the story. LOL

I wish I could show you more. We really do take people's privacy seriously. Lots of stuff is happening there. When the time is right some of the fantastic splendors will be revealed. We may even be the talking heads in the video tour.Till then I can only show the gate.

Some goofy website posted a phoney baloney cult story about our friends; a phoney story with a made up name  "temple oculus anubis" We were kind of laughing about how totally wrong it was. There was also sadness that such a positive place was given such dark fantasies. The real story is what Olive and Dingo would call "wonderful" "poetic" "fortunate" but that is not our story to tell...not yet anyway. :)

We hadn't started our show yet. It could have been a really soggy performance


KEATS ROSS said...

The article on Esotericana was truly meant to be a study in the comparitive folklore about the's in the byline "Keeps MYTH MAKERS reeling." In no way does it propigated an opinion validating the stories of it being nefarious and concludes to leave speculators to the Internet and not trespass. I can not wait for the family to shatter a lot of the lore around it, but until then... the fascination and speculation surges.

Timothy Berho said...

Any info on whether they give tours, etc? I'm super curious.