Tuesday, August 04, 2015

free weed night at the Analog. met Jessie, got some pineapple chronic.

The Analog, Gothique Blend & Fight Church bring you: Free Marijuana Mondays. Swap / Exchange & Free Sponsor Samples / Gifts.
 Free Marijuana 
Every Monday at The Analog: MARIJUANA MONDAY Samples /Gifts from different sponsor each week. 
Olive hung out with our boy and let me go down to the Analog Cafe and theater to get the scoop. I rode my tall bike down the hill and folks hooted at me and took photos the whole way. Nice orange sky tonight. It was lively outside the venue. A brightly dressed older lady using a walker cheered me loudly and thanked me for coming. Lots of folks asked about my bike.

 I didn't have the right keys for the bike lock I had so I just lashed my bike to a pole with a very long inner tube. It was stuck to the pole like how Spiderman might lock a bike. This plan needed requires me to have to frequently check the bike, better than nothing.

As soon as I walked in it was bar world. I'm not into the bar scene so much; I am into the fun scene though. I saw lots of familiar faces and some that I don't know yet.  The staff were friendly but all businesses as one of them handed me a gold colored ticket and pointed me into the room.

Inside one of the first faces to greet me was Jessie Sponberg. He was just like you would expect him to be personable, friendly, tuff as nails and also totally in the zone. Much like a guy who is about to do his thang should be.  
The second face was that of my favorite oil company boat defying kayaker Antonio Zamora. Seeing an eco hero here was great. Chat show format, local issues, acts in cocktail style seating and free pot samples. Sounds like a win.

I was awkwardly standing around (like a non drinker in a bar) when I was summoned from the second row. A pair of my friends were there and had an extra seat up front. Woo Hoo I slid in very grateful. I was about to not know what to do with my hands before they saved me. It only cost me a hug and an autograph.


Jessie started his show, I loved the DJ he had making music and emphasizing his points, and the ninja engineer (Ninjaneer) operating the controls appeared and disappeared at will.
Jessie started by reminding the folks that no ganja was to be consumed on the premises. I thought that sounded fair. Then he mentioned a lot of the issues going on in the world.
 Jessie is a good orator the crowd loved him. He mentioned all the same issues me and every other sentient Portlander are dealing with now.The hideous oil ship, the litterbug flutag fiasco and the silly way the government doesn't act in our best interests. He also told how many of Portland's movers and shakers hang out at the Analog cafe {even when it isn't free weed day}. The show went on and I quit filming (I don't like random people taping my shows)because he was interviewing a boat captain. It got loud (almost like it was free weed day) so the show kind of had to compete but we all persevered. As soon as the line for grass shortened i moseyed on back.
The nice lady asked if I was a medical patient or a rec user. I said I'm a clown looking to grow with the industry.
I was given this little bag of stash for my gold ticket. I quickly found out they are located a block from my house.
I told them I was an entertainer looking for sponsors for events, they told me to talk to them after October. No time to chat when you are giving away a bunch of cannabis.
If I decide to create a ganja open mic night or a circle to teach 30 and 40 year olds how to smoke pot for the first time, I need someone else to provide the green. I can give a full presentation from where it comes from, what kinds there are, what the effects are, how to roll a joint and what not to do as well. I think it will be fun.
I met another lady who was all about cultivation classes, I have a meeting plan with her too.

So I couldn't stay for the whole fray. The clock was running out on how long my bike would be unmolested, I had to get home to plan our show and I wanted to free my seat for a real live booze/food buying patron. I had a good time, Jessie did a fantastic job telling me everything I know plus leaving a bit more. That's all you can ask for on free weed night. Good stuff, check em out next Monday or look em up.

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