Thursday, June 11, 2015

T.B.T. early 90's, somewhere in Texas.

 I was hitch hiking cross country and ended up on a little road in the hill country. I didn't have a map (or even water) but I did have three kinds of fudge. It was dusk (or maybe dawn) I stopped to find the fudge and when I stood up a strange thing happened. I forgot what direction I was going. The world looked identical in both directions. I tossed a coin and eventually ended up in Florida.

I was looking for Portland from the gate. I just didn't know where it was or what it was called. One thing I learned in my many travels is to leave with nothing. First time out I went with top grade gear and lost all of it the first week. You get stuff along the too much fudge and the oz. of useless pot I had..I was gifted the green from a business man who needed an extra driver. He slept in the back seat with a magnum across his chest and dropped the fat sack as a reward a few hundred miles later. As I marched the fudge slowly melted down my front giving the impression that my belly button had diarrhea. I had to ditch my clothes and give away as much weed as possible before the county Mounties found it on me..Outside a Piggly Wiggly off I-10 I traded a huge handful of weed for some gross overalls, milk, peanut butter and a loaf of white bread. The ganja was useless to me because paranoia and hitch hiking don't go together very well at all. Ya like how I was looking for Portland but struck out in the perfectly opposite direction? coins, only right half the time.

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