Monday, June 08, 2015

Ever hear of the Crocker spite fence?

Back in them early Victorian era days, rich guys would buy whole blocks of houses to demolish and build mansions. One railroad baron called Crocker started his big house before all the homes were secured. The last house was a German undertaker called Yung. The offer was $6000 for the property but Yung wanted a price adjusted for inflation so asked for 12.000. Rich dude refused to pay any more. After many ploys by Crocker to annoy Mr. Yung out of his home, he has a 60 ft. wall built around 3 sides of the Yung house. Yung still wouldn't sell even though he and his fam fam had to see by candle light during the day time. It became a tourist attraction to go see the monument to capitalist dickery. Then after a few years of this a funny thing happened...well maybe not so funny, both dudes died. The decedents of Yung sold the property to the Crocker people, the wall came down, then a couple of years later...the great San Fran Earth quake leveled the whole property. Epic win, by our favorite class M planet, leaving the final score at Earth 2-Apes 0

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