Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I was at a burrito truck while Olive was in Village Merchants​ thinking global and shopping local. A little kid I recognized ran up to me. "You are Dingo right? You played my party". I shook her hand and asked where her Mom is and what is she up to. Then she said a phrase that floored me. "I'm busking!". She told me the story of how she wants a pet mouse, her folks told her she had to earn the cash herself. She already made all the bedding but still needed to huck up some scratch to buy the actual rodent. I sat with my food and noticed her Dad watching her from a little way off. I was delighted to hear her stick a pretty good version of B.Marly "Don't worry". I quickly gave her enough for two mice. The pet store is across the street. The way she was selling it, I was starting to think I may need a mouse. Back at the burrito truck the proprietor smiled to hear what was up. She told me it's hard for kids to know how difficult it is to make cash; real hard when it's always just given to them. She didn't have to tell me that. All my money comes from a tip jar as well. Good job kiddo.

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