Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Went to Trade up music on Division street yesterday to replace our stolen mic stand.

Guess who was rocking my favorite O&D shirt? Chris Uchytil!! and he set us up with a sweet mic stand. 
He was waiting for kids to recognize us on his shirt so he could remove his shades and scare the bejeezus out of them with his bloody eyeball condition.
b.t.w. I spotted this nice guitar in the cheap bin if anyone needs a pretty good non electric gut-string.

meme sent to my Facebook page.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


For the last few months I have been writing a book. I don't mean it to be funny but I'm a ridiculous man informed by ridiculous life experiences. It's got it's default funny moments. Call it a text-ish book. It was of particular concern to me when I used the term "Flying buttresses" in an entirely not funny context. I'm into the accuracy enough that I don't feel like I lost a great opportunity to crack a fart joke.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I almost mailed a coffee gift out of town.

 Then i remembered I would do better to send some water instead. Coffee isn't grown in the Pacific NW, clean water is. We have perfect weather and water for coffee enjoyment. People here are very willing to protect the local h2o at every turn. Anyone who doesn't think that is important is welcome to go other places where the coffee tastes like parking lot puddle water.

Monday, February 16, 2015


There has never been porn on my computer and the only game downloaded was Microsoft solitaire. I was enjoying bug free computing until I stupidly decided to download a font. Guess what happened, spam wham-o-rama. Pop ups on pop ups, ads scattered like pinata candy, blinking, flashing and taxing the system from a Samurai into a simpleton. A funny thing is, when you get sick you become an expert at your sickness, I just took it as a challenge. I did some research, found infected zones and dove into line after line deleting cryptic text in the registry. I learned a lot but still opted to reboot the whole system. It only took a scant 16 hours to fully return to No-malwareistan.

Earth day tabling

Rich was telling me a fascinating story about an event where the voluntary human extinction people were tabling across from a midwifery clinic's table. He mentioned being pleased that two groups who would seem to be opposites were actually friendly to one another and ended up sending folks to each other's tables. I hope I got that story right Rich Mackin. I love stuff like that.
"It was a collection of small businesses and non-profits tabling at an event. Imagine Operation Rescue tabling an event across from Planned Parenthood, or simply conservative Republicans across from Liberal Democrats."

I been monkeying with the ad-bots that look at my web browsing to base what ads to throw at me.

 I have them convinced that I'm a HUGE fan of square watermelons, peacock feathers and industrial axle grease. Now they keep trying to sell me this stuff... and it's a continuing punchline. Hope they don't think I plan to use them all in the same sitting (or any sitting actually).

Monday, February 09, 2015

kiosk life

Sometimes i feel like a kiosk. It's cute, it's clever, it's an honor, it's expected...but it's also kind of annoying sometimes.
When I walk around in clown drag i often forget how i look.
We only see past our nose so when going from point A to point B it's startling to be called as a representative of the city.
People assume I have a proprietary roll in an environment they find me in.
They also often assume I'm a volunteer goodwill emissary. LOL I like making a difference but sometimes I'm just on my way to work and need all that commute time to get me act together. I forget I look like I love answering questions.
 I often have to tell folks "Beats me, I don't work here".
 Kind of like how people feel they can come up to the police, bus drivers and other civic workers, they come to us too.
"Hey Clown" as it goes...
" Hey clown, would you-
... tell me where Belmont street is?
...tell me everything I want to know about you and nothing I don't want to know?
....recommend a place to get lunch?
....look at this mole for me?
I would love to help but last I checked Tiffiny Adamson is the only person I know with sufficient cred to call me by the objectifying moniker "clown".
Anyone else takes a huge chance (like an ox in a tar pit) of getting hilariously buried in bad information from me (can't say you didn't know I was a clown).