Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Today a soused home bum walked into our 2nd show.

 Eye lids swollen with alcohol, filthy beard, a grimy dress over muddy sweats. He made a bee line to us and announced to the kids that he has been homeless for over 30 years. He had a huge smile and arms raised like he was crossing a finish line. In the awkward silence I wanted to say "OK kids if you want to know what not to do please feel free to ask our crusty friend here after the show" He ran out and into the road where he screamed at every car that didn't give him anything. I wanted to feel sorry for him but he was doing great. In the time we were there people gave him money and cigarettes. There were only 3 kids at our show so we made nothing. At this rate, I may take his class!

Had we not already started the show, I would have repelled him. 
One time after we had started a show, a bum hid crunched down in the crack of the open door . He was calling a 2 year old outside of the crowded cafe saying "C'mere little one".
 I just saw three flashes, 
A parent, the cafe owner and Olive. 
They flew by me in a blur and were on him like ugly on a gorilla. 

 It felt great to know I'm not actually the most fierce person in the room
...not even the second.

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