Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Olive's Birthday and we visit Little Big Burger

It's Olive Rootbeer's birthday! we spent some of it performing at or reglar Friday 3pm Storytime at Pie Spot Pie shop. Annie brought her a cake! We were double thrilled when we noticed the tip jar far more full than that many people unusually  generate. Thank you anonymous friend with deep pockets. Thank you Annie and family!

We stopped at Little Big Burger on the way home.
Olive doesn't eat that kind of stuff so I was grateful that she has just as much fun watching me eat stuff (providing she isn't starving).


The manger offered us free food if we could make a balloon burger. When he asked, we were already in the throws of gifting the whole crew balloons, so our balloon stuff was out. 
Olive laid into the challenge. Her motto" anything worth doing is worth over engineering" she upped the game to ":burger wand of pleasantness" .

They accepted it with appropriate poise and pomp.

Like what we do? Here is our virtual tip jar

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