Monday, September 01, 2014

Share if you agree

I have some insight on the world that comes from surviving in arcane conditions and learning as much as I could about as much as I could. 
I'm adept at noticing "Tells" or hints to people's motivations.
One of the tells that I often find tragically amusing in social media is the phrase "Share if you agree".

It's such a lovely little hunk of manipulative language. It sets a trap. 

"Puppies shouldn't be kicked! share if you agree"
This is really appealing to folks who also like chain letters.
Who benefits from the traffic? No idea.

As the carnival game goes, It's worded in a way that leaves you no choice but to be manipulated...if you let it.

Usually it will have undeniable patriotic, family or religious statement and then ask it be shared.
Asking a super easy question to manipulate someone to click a link is just silly but effective for pooling folks who are easily led. 

"Share if you agree" is often a last tool to get support for out date ideas that are in the death throws of existence in the first place.

Old ideas, bad ideas, religious motivations, covert racism, and base nationalism, pride of ignorance, they are all stars of "Share if you agree" stable.

When I see that phrase I also see the words "Going out of business" as it reminds me of a single strobe light in the window of an empty restaurant that serves food nobody wants anymore.

People fall for desperate carnival tricks every day. I'm not hip to that.
Share if you agree!

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