Sunday, May 18, 2014


Our town has divested in Walmart. I'm so happy to see this. My eyes are always trained on watching leaders make crap moves I almost missed seeing them act very insightful and beneficially to our lil corner of the world. 
Walmart is like a giant, mega trawler lumbering along gobbling up everything in it's path.
I can't think of anything less American than a car manufactured in Mexico, idling in a Walmart parking lot, filled with Saudi gas and sporting an American flag made in Taiwan. W.T.F?
I don't personally trust any organisation that is bigger than the local school house.

Lets follow a plastic chair. From it's start being brutally manufactured (in a puff of smog) in China by a "next to slave" laborer, then it gets shipped in lots of puffs of smog to our country, then an underpaid worker stocks it at Walmart and sells it for way less than any local small biz can sell wooden chairs. The consumer takes the plastic chair home. It lives as a chair for under 10 years or so. As it breaks down in the weather, grit fills the tiny holes making the chair always appear dirty. Eventually it gets thrown out to be burned (in a puff of smog) or thrown in a landfill to slowly leach chemicals into the soil. Who wins? Rich guy in Arkansas and some Chinese business men, who loses? every one else. I see any item made of plastic like a drop of ink in a bathtub, at first it's just a perfect round orb in clear water. After a long time's mostly gone and all the water is irreversibly tinted with poison blue. If you don't fight for your world then you don't deserve a world. Just say'in

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