Saturday, May 03, 2014

Rockin the Max to the burbs

Taking trains out of range to hit up a little kid's birthday. We don't like hustling outside of our neighborhood for environmental reasons. This day it's a party for a kid who's fam fam is from India. When we hear that charming accent on the phone it tells us we will be treated as friends and as performers, nice folks, amazing food, thats worth the trip to the burbs. It has never been any other way and at this gig it was no different other than the scale was way up. I was so happy to see inspiring people. You could just smell the degrees in the room as every adult there was doing something for our country and the surroundings suggest they spend money in country too. Hiring us also tells me they shop local. Even the kids were impressive, an adult only clapped twice sharply and 12 2-6 y.o.s fell into a horseshoe pattern sitting at "parade rest" waiting for the show. BUT! There was a scary part for old Dingo D. Before we entered the stately manor we noticed a huge pile of shoes outside the front door. Like many people this is a take your shoes off kind of house. I stupidly wasn't anticipating that.
I really didn't want to take my shoes off because for decades, no matter how much i wash, I tend to have some punk rock trenchfoot going on. I peeled my boots off, caught a little poke of stenchee but then it wasn't so bad. I had new socks on. Still it was nerve racking as the show went down because I kept detecting slight pangs of foot cologne and was afraid some kid would stand up pointing and ever so charmingly say "That guy stinks". Luckily nothing of the sort happened. At the end we were taken care of and the nice lady who hired us asked us to come back soon and do our Storytime show for adults . No songs or balloons just the two of us reading "50 shades of grey" to her and some esteemed guests. Really..that's her idea and it is gonna happen. Sometimes it's ok to take the train out of range.

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