Monday, April 14, 2014

Um, quick heads up.

I keep seeing Portland defined as "Hipster" but I gotta tell you. Hipsters barely exist at all and they are not behind the coolest parts of Portland. People like labels but defining a town based on a couple kids isn't accurate at all. Most of the Puddletown movers and shakers tend to look like most anything else. P-town is actually mostly normal looking folks. It's the perfect storm of bad TV reception and good ideas.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Crazy looking video of our 3 pig song.

Portland is as diverse as a coral reef.

I don't know where the "whitest city" bs comes from. Half my Portland story started in North PDX. I see a cross section of the town everyday and people are here from everywhere. Wanna know what's up in North Africa? right there, wanna know about Japan? Got it, Curious about Fiji? that guy still has his home sandals on, China? sure, S.E. Asia? step right up. We don't need our fans to speak English to do a good job so we see lots exotic people every day. Can't call it a homogeneous population when one bus ride feels like a tour of a global latitude circle. :)

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Friday, April 04, 2014


LOL My son has a touch of the A.D.D. My other kid asked how they treated my A.D.D. in Texas. I had to say, with a huge paddle, Ritalin and special ed! YAY! "Did it help?" she asked. "Um, well it helped me have every reason to escape that city. My kids are terrified of South Texas because of how it looks on paper (Corpus is on many naughty lists). I wish I could show them that my hometown isn't just a bastion of ignorant, superstitious, consumerism and a willing cog in the military industrial complex...there are also flying roaches!!!!:)

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This is Andrew.

 He makes some bang'in art and he hawks prints on Hawthorne blvd. near Oasis pizza. Please go get a print from him. They are inexpensive and he tells me he is getting crowded out and devalued by the hordes of bums. The cops told him that they now have a force dedicated to that area. They get lots of complaints because the bums cause lots of problems. "I hope they don't aim to scrape us art and music hustlers and buskers off too!" I said. "No they like us". The law assured him that they don't want to disturb the cultural thing on the street .