Friday, March 28, 2014

People come to town and find out that bikes are not toys.

  They find the bike reality is...we go fast. When everyone makes a move, the newbies are left in the dust. What are some tricks for keeping them safe and up to speed cycling in Puddle-town?

I'm writing a bike survival class. I'm a lil afraid of creating monsters though given my background. Here is an excerpt: "Identify and stay out of all auto's blind spots, that's a killer. If a car forces you into a compromising position, use your U lock on the panels of the car banging loudly until they back off.." See? that won't fly in a class. Bikes need to be a bit obnoxious to survive out on the grill, it's nothing compared to how the cars insult bikes. Car culture is gross, bloated, poison, it's bringing climate change and is a cash cow for some of the world's worst people...and they crush cyclists like walnuts on a regular basis. There are many reasons to flip cars off, just road rage is not one of them.

From the vantage point of my bike I notice that most non commercial vehicles in Ptown are only 1-2 humans and little cargo. That means they are poisoning us all out of convenience. The irony is that they would have more money, look/ feel better and live longer without the car trap. The other irony is that the folks who decide to be car free, still have to breathe the cocktail of chemicals every day and splash around in the chemical streams draining to the river.

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