Friday, March 14, 2014

No longer outlaws.

Congrats to neighbors S. and J. X, who put on special hats to celebrate getting pot cards. They worked their whole lives (blue collar ) dodging pee tests, now they are free to treat the pains and not so painful parts of life as they wish. I asked him how long he was a pot criminal and he said 52 years. Also congrats for him beating Hep-C and hard chemotherapy treatments as well as her new freedom from having her 40 y.o. son move out. The bedroom sanctuary is now the whole crib. OK kids, you can now unbuckle your seat belts and enjoy the rest of the ride. Lucky for them they have a stereo with the height of 70's hip music, a nice house and there are three pot stores within a few blocks of where we live. Been together 15 years I think easily their biggest asset is each other. 

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