Saturday, March 01, 2014

Dingo's natural recipe for middle aged male hard-ons (so you don't disappoint your biggest fans)

Sex only for pro-creation is an asinine notion created by chicken little. I was sex positive way back when metro-sexual was just simply called being a Prince fan. Sex is a drug free attitude adjustment, it's practice, it's getting the heart rate up, it's keeping the tubes in order. One of the last things in this world sex should be for is pro-creation.   I think we have enough of our kind of ape created as it isNo sex before marriage seems like the kiss of death, or at least, not such a good idea. Why would you want to permanently get with someone if you don't know what it's like to get with them?
I noticed for older men and young women sex is a huge motivator and inspiration for success and creativity. It's big for young men too but it is THE motivation rather than A motivation. Some pairs are better at dancing than others. Also I notice the young men sometimes come off like big muddy puppies: (Hey gorgeous young dude! slow down, don't ask her name, tell her yours, hold hands, let her find out about your amazing stamina on her own, paint something and fer crissakes, never call women "Bitches" or demand they smile for you) older men and younger ladies have a similar complicated dance that can stretch the delicious honeymoon phase of a romance out for years. It's good for everyone to know as much as they can about this primal human endeavor. I'll write my opinion about the Queer and middle age female experience when and if I ever become one. Till then I can't venture a guess. I haven't had many lovers who were older than me but my first lover was, and it was grand. She isn't as giddy about everything as my later gal pals but she knows what she wants. When an older lady ties her hair back in a pony tail HOLD ON! You're in for a ride. Just like the young dudes selfish/spastic style sometimes covers the great attributes, and old man's great romantic moves are countered with the effects of time. Older guys need to keep up quality control and effectiveness. Recently my buddy asked me about how to deal with his declining sex drive.  Poor, soft stud muffin. My letter back to him looked like an article so here we are. Boners are made of blood filling your crank under the command of a hormone called testosterone. Your body has a strict input-output thing where if you don't put good stuff in, you can't get good performance. For good penis health try....
  1. eating a diet of just greens and meat.Yup, thats what testosterone lives on. Stay away from corn, taters, sugar and starchy stuff and for sure stay away from dick pills. oh..and of course 2. Exercise! you knew I was gonna say it. Do it. Keep going, moving. learning, growing, not only will you feel better, you will also look better. 3. Kegels! Do Kegels, that is, when you pee, start and stop the stream a lot, those are Kegel exercises that not only help you rock a glorious stiffy, they will also help keep you from pissing yourself all the time as an old man. 4. Beat off!! If your sermon is love, then practice what you preach by rubbing a few out a day if you can. Some parts of the body are only flushed out by semen so if you listen to that old religious disinformation then you are at higher cancer risk. 5. Avoid high maintenance partners. If it's not as easy as a smile then don't be afraid to pass. If you think you are getting led on, ripped off, potentially caught etc. it's too high a price. Wait it out (#4 rule). Sex is an important part of health and I hope you are around a long time. Keep in mind I'm not a doctor or even a healer but I am a scientist and a rock-star so i know what I'm positing Yo. Happy shagging!

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