Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is the day tons of folks are focused on teams of millionaires engaged in a hypothetical struggle for hubris, merchandising and the promotion of viking skills. What a waste of money and attention. I hope folks know about the teams who are out there fighting a real battle with a real prize that gets kept for generations. Earth works better without apes but not at all without whales.

Olive and I are having the heated discussion about me being the worst clown ever. I'm not a fan of the church or state, I'm outraged by thanksgiving and Columbus day,grossed out by Christmas, mortified by plastic and fossil fuels, I don't like animal acts, bored with juggling/fire/nude acts and I can't appreciate sports or birthdays for anyone over 18.

I loved the "Wardrobe malfunction" episode of the Superbowl. It showed our kind of monkey screeching and throwing turds because of a breast. HAHA Just one glimpse of a perfect, life giving booby caused outrage but the following commercials went unchecked even though they actually made people dumber. Cadillac, Wendy's and Geico or as I see them Industrial poison, institutional poison and racketeering. Superbowl sunday is the big game for Madison Ave. to really score points encouraging folks to think and buy things against their best interests.They can turn a gal against her own body hair, she ends up giving herself multiple coats of complicated chemicals (that make her fat and cause birth defects) the money she spends leaves the community and the plastic handle ends up with thousands more in the bay. How do they get her into the sucker bet? They are banking on her instinct to get an edge over the gal down the street any way she can. Her friends re-enforce this and there ya go.If she had just left the hair on and washed with mild soap, she would have her own scent, her personal calling card full of pheromones that will drive her mate wild. I'm a trickster by trade so I can read crowd control tricks as easy as an issue of "Highlights" magazine. I'm but a squeak in this huge informational roar, I said my peace, feel free to disagree. 

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