Monday, February 03, 2014

Jesse L. asked if we ever get into trouble on our big bikes.

He tricked out a wheelchair for gis gal (who is sober) and he plans to be the engine (that runs on alcohol) and wondered if he was at risk of a D.U.I.

The cops ignore or give us the thumbs up when they see us on our bikes. We keep it that way by being sober and practicing driving with military precision so there aren't any reason to take the big bikes away.
This wasn't always the case, it evolved over time as we found there was never a shortage of loafers willing to break the bikes, step on car roofs, act stupid and or dangerous.
 Now it's a value to never let anyone with "nothing to lose" ever ride them or even be around us. 

My fave way to get beers when I was under-age was to sit in a wheelchair outside a parking lot and ask kindly folk to please get me beer (while pointing out the lack of wheelchair ramps outside 7-11), Soon as I got mah 40 I would stand up, shake hands and thank the person, then ride off doing a wheelie. Good times.

My fave feature of a wheelchair is that the front caster wheels have a rake that give the vehicle the tendency to always track forward when being towed.I tie one behind my bike and never worry about steering. Maybe there is some city bus ski-ing in Jesse's  future,It's tipsy friendly and his sober friend can operate the grappling hook.

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