Thursday, February 13, 2014

I was an active activist for at least 12 years

...and passively active as long as I can remember. I was a parent during a lot of that time and my daughter was witness to the city and it's people having some crazy growing pains. Lots of active folks had kids and dogs and tons of travelling guests all the time bringing news from the various fronts. A cultural revolution was going on and a huge wing of it looked and smelled just like us. To have all these folks behind us, we really need to be right. Part of changing the world is being able to stand up in an argument just as much as standing in the street. To demand change you have to have all the good ideas and numbers on your side. It was a huge value for everyone to get learned up about everything going on. Free school was great for that. The Clown House on Mississippi had that going on as well as being a sanctuary R&R for the tree sitters from fall creek among places. I was never too far from someone doing something that impressed me, teaching the average people to interpret whats happening to them is very impressive. The electoral process like capitalism itself is based on the assumption of an informed public. Our public is ill-informed in lots of things and very distracted/vulnerable to manipulation. Portland was in an angry state of mind back in 97 but it didn't hurt that there is awful TV reception here. Free-thinking investigative citizens soon got organised. Nothing brings folks together like oil wars and civil rights struggles. and some of the silliest things happen in the "Healthy sense of outrage" parenting community. The kiddos know all the same language the parents learn at the countless workshops and that's a recipe for hilarity. "Mom, he's imposing unfair trade tariffs and occupying unlawful territories". (Mom walks into the room) "Son, share the pizza and give your sister her glasses back Hey! stay on your side of the table". Son: "No Way we won't go! US out of north Tablestan!!!" (Mom) "Son, don't make me deploy a police action task force [Dad]. The Dad tries to pull the kid to his side of the table but he falls limp in a final act of passive resistance.
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