Sunday, December 15, 2013

When I met Rich Mackin back in the 90's we had similar things going on.

He was the Boston punkrock/active clown and I was a Portland one. We were pen pals a little back when "E mail" meant "E rase the postmark to use the stamp again".When Mackin asked us to do some songs for this charity event, we were stoked. "Nuttin fer Crixmix is the last Pepto Dizmal song. It has great meaning and so I hooked Olive up with a copy of the old tune to memorize.She did a fine job. I kind of thought that it was a form of satire or anti-Christmas gathering. Kind of like a way to have the fun holiday without the religion and consumerist feeding frenzy. We aren't crazy about a lot of the Christmas rituals so our songs reflected that. Christmas means lots of pink plastic, batteries, landfills, planned obsolescence and of course the fuel pollution and slave labor required to get all that stuff here. Christmas is a huge present for China. So I was shocked when it started looking like a real live Christmas event. We aren't total Grinches, we wanna make our crowd happy. I started to worry that our stuff wasn't going to go over very well. After seeing Rich Makin telling us about Santa con and Jay Lieber's really cool presentation (As well as Mr Krampus walking around) it became clear that we would be ok.
 I just hoped we wouldn't offend the little kids and Sugar plum fairies. They were great!

 Pouring over the sweetest Santa Suit we ever saw.

To any family units that thought Olive and Dingo on the bill meant we would be doing "Jingle bells", sorry for all those F words. When you entertain a room full of drunkerdly Santas, then there is a problem if you don't crack a few off the naughty list.

 Melian A. Sonnenburg one of the first folks I met in town.

Jay Rules.:) I love that guy.
What event is complete without a Jew in a Chicken suit? Great job Ari!!!!

That was great! Rock on Santa

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