Thursday, December 26, 2013

OK Kids, this one's called "Anubis and the Three Pharaohs!"

Once upon a predynastic period, along the Nile river lived three porcine pharaohs. The first piggy king built his hut of imported straw..Then for some reason (fleas) most everyone was stricken with plague. The middle dynasty king built his house of sticks but was crushed to death when the wooden pillars couldn't support the stone roof. The New Kingdom pig built a pyramid of sandstone but was still stopped before entering the afterlife by Anubis because of a clerical error (during a series of earthquakes someone misspelled his name several times while performing the most hasty embalming process).
 Now the three Pharaohs names shan't be spoken lest the speakers soul be immediately blown by Anubis through the lotus blossom into the deep, dark, dusty vacuum of the abyss. HAHAHA! The end. For a decidedly less awful telling of the classic 3 pigs story please download our 3 little pigs song for under a buck!~

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