Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Early Morning gig, clowning for a running event

It's the Run Like Hell running event in Portland's Pioneer Square.

We are the mayors of kid zone and we start and end the kids race.
 Good times watching the sun never come up in Stumptown.

Portland is so quiet at dark thirty.Gotta get there really early.

It's a cold morning and a long ride away. I got halfway there before I realized. I'm not dressed for this much cold wind. I had to just suck it up and I promised myself to scream bloody murder later, right now I gotta focus on not slipping off the pedals and bars.

Olive is way on her game setting up the free rootbeer, coloring and craft stations.

The theme this year was "Fairies and Unicorns" Olive built me this fine unicorn horn but it was quickly absconded by a cute little kid in ninja drag.

trucking Olive to the turnaround point

Headed a half mile to the starting line.

They are required to slap Olive 5 before turning back to finish the race. This kid said "we are not the children you are looking for"

Today our co-operative is Jessica Cornelius she is in charge of logistics, security, rabble rousing...and if she has time..face painting. You may recognize her as the culprit that drew that fine coloring page/flier everyone loves so much. 

Luckily all four volunteers they gave us were related.

Stoked that now i get to see our kidsl

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