Monday, November 01, 2010

missing my babies on yet another holiday.

I have a few friends who somehow survived heavy drug abuse. They have something in common in that they are blown out so much that every smile is now forced and uncomfortable. It looks like every good feeling just reminds them of some great feelings they had while poisoning themselves.
I can relate but the great feelings I had were with my kids.
This Halloween was yet another important day that the babies mom has taken from me. She very childishly stopped sharing our kids with me May 28th.
Since then she hasn't let me or Olive have any contact with we are murdering child molesters or something.
My kids are lucky to have a Dad who loves them so much and is so protective of them.
They want me, I want them,
To rip them from a loving parent as a weapon of attack is Utarded and very disrespectful to the kids.
My Mom is really torn up because she also isn't getting any contact with the kids.
I'm surrounded by my babies toys furniture and clothing they have lots of people here that miss them and my smile is only kept bright by the love and caring of Olive Rootbeer.
Lots of people are cursing my ex wife and i gotta tell them not to do that.
It's bad enough that when her karma come back on her for this my beloved babies will be standing right next to her.
Pray for us friends we need it!

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