Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm sorry my whole blog isn't funny and happy y'all.

I don't want to bring anyone down when i post about crummy things that happen.
I also don't want to lie to you and act life life is just handed to me.
My blog is not a conversation it's a snapshot with words.
If you would like to actually have a conversation then find me on Facebook. My blog was too hounded by anonymous cowards. If you can't stand by your words then why bother? I stand by everything I say because it's the truth.

Just as i was emerging from the underground and into a career the very bitter mother of my children stopped letting them visit every weekend.I did nothing to deserve this.
I have been faithfully raising my kids and making them a priority their whole lives and ripping them from the Dad they love for no reason is just selfish, irresponsible,disrespectful, foolish, asking for them to hate her, giving them reason to rebel and not trust her.
Besides the absence of my babies that I adore my life is pretty sweet.
I don't have to wash dishes for a living (to make the same pay) I am loved and it seems like the whole town loves me. People see me on my tall bike and cheer me on all day.
Missing my kids every moment of every day is a true drain and without my partner it would be unbearable.
The farther away i got from the Clown House and it's last crew the better life got. I do pretty well.

We have lots of gigs. Shortly after meeting me Olive was able to quit a super exploitive crappy job and start her own business. She gets $30 an hour by herself.
I don't make much more money than my bills but everything I do is my own. Someday one of theise things is gonna take off and i will be riding a helicopter to work every day!

I'm working on a coloring book right full of Rubber Chickens!

I do get to hang out with lots of kids every day and like with my own babies I have never had a problem.

Getting paid as an actor was a first this year and my phone is ringing every day with new opportunities.I'm just so pissed off that my wonderful baby girl isn't here to see her Dad go for it and get it.

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