Friday, September 24, 2010

busking paintings and balloons on SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Our whole situation loads onto the bike.

"PSST Say I interest you in a pg-13 rubber chicken?"

HEY! someone put a construction zone next to my art gallery! My rubber chicken gallery is fashionably located on Hawthorne strip just follow the smell of Diesel exhaust. My shop was next to the screaming busker and a bus stop. CHIC!
I'm not discouraged...I only need to sell one to have a good day.
Sometimes chicken sometimes feathers.

Like what we do? Donation bucket!

Do you have this shirt?

I hope so because I sold all of them and now we are in the biz of creating the next design.

Wanna submit a design for Olive and me and our Open Mic? Facebook friend me and show me what cha got!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today my partner found a clever gift to let me know that even though I'm so far from my family that I adore...

she is there for me and with me and orange.

My life has never been so good but I can't enjoy it without my babies.

I haven't seen my children since May 27th. Baby mama saw a pic of my GF tied to a chair and decided it was a good enough reason to keep my kids from me.
I am very protective of my kids (more than most) and photos on the internet is the only way I can communicate my kids life with my family in Texas.
I know what all my relative's babies look like and the internet is full of kid photos.
She would not have gotten so mad had she not been looking for anything to trash me about. Baby Mama is clearly bitter and in punishment mode.
I still have my kids clothing, room, toys everything as they left it. It's expensive to lug around all this extra stuff but I keep thinking Baby Mama will come to her senses and stop torturing me and the kids. It's so hard to be cleaning our place and run into my boy's sock or my girl's photo. I need my babies!
I have been a devoted father for years and years and years. I have fought for them, spent hours and hours awake with them and raised them with my own hands. I love my babies sooo much and they love me too. My son communicates a simple message psyonically every day "I want my daddy" it's simple. My daughter has to deal with knowing the truth about me but seeing her Mom make up stuff from far away without ever actually looking.What a great excuse to rebel against Mom.
All my babies want is daddy but the lady won't let them phone, email anything. She won't even talk to Olive. My kids have a huge network of friends and relatives here at our house who are all very sad and miss them very much.
Olive has been there for my kids too. She has spent hours and hours cooking for them, reading, bathing and all kids of details that a man can sometimes forget. I have seen Olive give my babies more love and attention that I have seen many of my kids relatives give them...and in far less time.
Still baby mama has offered zero courtesy, gratitude, just bitterness for Olive too.
It makes no sense because I have never been as good a man as I am now. My job is flexible in hours and I have many skills to pass on to my kids that they can make them a decent living. I'm not down with babysitters because i want to watch them myself or have family with them. I want to be near my kids so if there is a natural disaster or some kind of civic emergency I want to be there for them.
The ex was cool at one point but we noticed she was a jerk to us when her BF was around but really nice when it was just her.
Nobody has slowed me down, lied about me, sabotaged me or hurt me as much as the lady I gave so many years of my life to but I don't diss her, I don't think she is crazy or any of that..she just hates me and doesn't mind torturing our kids to hurt me. Any rational person would see that I'm surrounded by kids every day. There is a little boy at circus practice that needs my little boy to play with. My daughter needs Olive and I. I hope this madness ends soon because the clouds never lift from my head as long as my babies are being held against their will.
I didn't see them on father's day (very mean to do to the kids) nor on my birthday no school shopping no meeting the teacher. All this is unheard of for me. If the ex could even remember how there I was for her and the kids for 10 years she would never do this. Now that every one knows about this I get to hear horror stories from people my ex has dissed, she leaves my kids with people she doesn't know, She doesn't pay them and they ask me why she is so rude it's rough to hear. I love that woman and I hate hearing people talk bad about her. Nobody takes as good a care of kids as the loving parent NOBODY!~
I keep hearing ladies tell me that they always let their deadbeat drunk exs see their kids and I am none of that.I'm so loved by the town that at intersections I sometimes hear Portlanders chanting "Go Dingo Go Dingo" as I balance on my tall bike.
I don't care if it hurts her to see my happiness because it's hurting the kids to punish my happiness. I was ready to share everything with the ex until she started being so cruelLast week when I was dancing in a video with the guy from Weekend Update (S.N.L.) I realized that I have a career now not a job or hustle.
I hope for all our sake she gets over the bitter and pride and thinks of the babies wishes...they want Daddy.

Olive actually traded our circus tickets for Organic raw veggies!

Part of our pay for being in the Freakland circus is $100 worth of tickets each before each block of shows. Olive made my day (and my salad) by trading a couple of tickets to the folks she volunteers with doing organic urban farming.
GREAT SCORE for all involved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I got to meet and work with one of my (NYC) comedy heros today.

We worked on a video set today but I can't tell you for whom or anything else about it. We signed contracts (as usual) where we promise not to spill the beans. I'm sure you will see it soon enough. When you see it ask me and i will say yeah that is what i was talking about.
I can show you folks I would normally hang out with who happen to have also worked on this project. Gwen suggested that this bottom photo should be made into a huge 2000 pc. puzzle.


I miss my kids soooo much!

It's been so long without them I;m so bummed I couldn't take them school shopping.


When one of the finest bike mechanics in town offers to work on your bike
you better have some decent tools! My bike was busted and Topher Moore asked about my
tools. I only own three tools I hope he can use at least one of them.

Hammer Time.

Topher was lucky enough to be the test pilot when the axle busted on Frankenstack.
It was a fantastic snapping sound that made everyone around stop and
look. We rode up to Meticon and got another axle. Most folks don't ever
have bikes break like this.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

best part of a great day.

An attractive woman stops her van in the street as I'm riding home.She sez "I got something for you! as she jumped out the truck. At first I was afraid! I didn't know if she had a weapon or a box of crackers! She handed me $20 and said "I told you I would give you that. I like your blog."
I became a mouth breather for a few moments as my senses drank her whole encounter in. Then she reached in the back of her van and gave me a tub of Honey!!!!
What a sweetheart!
Olive loves honey. Now this fine lady (who I soon realized was a woman called Kate) was a former patron of my honey selling enterprise of two or so years ago.
I'm touched...I feel like I was rewarded for just being myself.
Olive Rootbeer was very happy to hear of this. I bet she would love to meet this lady.

click here to check in with the chickens!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rootbeer just finished "The Carpet Sharks"

Need a portrait of your only karma free friend? This one cost the nice lady (Pam in Washington) $200. Not a bad price for a great portrait of THE CARPET SHARKS!!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This little sport is always on the set of our movie!

He must belong to the writer...or director...or both!

He sure is a cute little stinker!

Down Pour!

We got unexectedly drenched on the way back from the art store! I was wearing leather pants so the whole way home it felp like I was wearing pants made of boiled cabbage!

I noticed that whenever Olive gets unexpectedly crash!

I have been painting a lot! click here!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Two ladies at work today had a better hustle than us!

They brought out water balloons and started hucking to hit them with the balloon for a buck. I did it twice!They made a killing...i think they would have been there longer if they could carry more ammunition. Each water balloon payed off $1.00 on about 5 cents overhead.