Tuesday, August 03, 2010

While the judges decide who the "Bride of Jake" will be, Our gang had a good old fashioned Bug Eating Race!

Presenting the bugs....Uncle Jay!

Here is a cool account in pics!

The Bugs : Canned Silk Worm Pupa from a Korean store on SE Foster PDX.
The prize: A giant Donut!
The Table: A lovely maiden who's name we got but somehow fumbled (sorry).
The Contenders: Two fellows from the crowd.
The Rules: No hands, eat till all bugs are swallowed.

OK we really liked or lovely assistant.Just like the contenders she was from the crowd. She had the most heroic job of all. Two strange men were there to eat bugs off her amazing torso. The bra hints to her hoping at some point the shirt would come off but still she gets MAD props for being such a great sport. We are always looking for a permanent person for this spot in the show and our life. Olive told me later "I got her shirt off why didn't you close the deal?"

"We just need one more fearless soul to race against this hansom,Brave, worthy Silk Worm Larva eating contender!"

Great! Now Olive serves the banquet!


I poured the bug juice out of the can as a favor to our Lovely Asistant so it makes the buggs quite a bit harder to just dump down yer gullet.

The race was really close! I wish I knew the other gent's name because they both did phenomenal given the circumstances.

The Fastest bug eater in 2010 is Mr.Dwayne Smallwood.

He wins a very large Donut for his trouble and LOTS of street cred round the peninsula.

"Dingo, Saturday was incredible! You and Olive made the whole thing go over the top!!! Thanks for the great entertainment!!!!! I'm now a big fan!!!! I can't wait to see you guys in action again!!!!!!!!"- K Murphy

Again I must mention that our lovely assistant was a "stand in" pulled right out of the crowd...she was the real champ of the Bug Eating Contest! Brave, stunning, pleasant...It gives a hint as to how cool it can be. We are SO ready for a steady!

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