Sunday, August 08, 2010

Trouble? Not with John Bageant around.

We were invited to stay with Missy and John Bageant. PIRATES!!!
Our host Missy was helping with setting up a bachelor party for Jake the alligator man. She sent her hubby Mr. John Bageant to greet us.
Most folks in the town love them but a few morons see the Pirate symbols on the house as a cult. Others are just trouble to everyone. On this day we pulled up to the house and made camp.
when a distant neighbor across the street started yelling cuss words at us and screaming "What the fuck are you doing?...(okay we thought the grumpy guy was yelling at a kid.)...we look over and he's says, "What the Fuck are you staring at!!"
They watched us as soon as we got there, parked in the yard, and started pullin' gear off the top. They must have thought the gypsy's were invading.
Olive asks, "scuse me, what are you talking about?" AND HE RESPONDS, "Shut the Fuck Up!" ...Okay nobody yells at my girl like that and get's away with it... so I stood up... and said, "Hey Olive call Missy!" She called our hosts and soon John B. showed up. We quickly went to the back yard.John calmed down the other neighbors who had also been called by the hot head.

The dog was unaffected and didn't care what the apes were yelling about.

Olive having a friendly chat with my Mom.

Our livingroom.

Soon as everything was cool John gave us the keys to the house and split to the bachelor party.We went out scaring the locals by walking around as new people in the small town. We didn't get looks for looking crazy, we looked normal, they gave us stares because we weren't from there. It was a fun trip to the grocery store. They had no idea how fascinating they were gonna think we are the next day.It was cool we still made friends everywhere we went.We also made a point to stop in for some chili with Shane Bugbee and his lady Amy. I was shocked to learn that they are from Hammond Indiana like I am not. Cool Iraq but with better model burning hulls of autos.

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