Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Olive likes playing with people.../Bucket levitation

(Banjo Bleating) Howdy friends I'm Dingo and this here is my partner Olive Rootbeer!
We drove up here all the way from Portland Oregon ta tell you allllll about it!

For our first trick we will need some help...
we are lookin fer 4 volunteers who don't mind LEVITATING!!!!!

That was easy!
Olive Rootbeer is just gonna have ya sit on some buckets!

"Just lay back in the other person's lap ok?"
I'm glad none of them had "Intimacy Problems" about being weaved into random strangers.

"What are the Clowns doing to us? She is pulling out the buckets!!!!!!"

Olive Rootbeer was made to do this kind of stuff.

I love this photo because of how well it captured the amazing smile of Photo-nerd Emily Rinard.


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