Wednesday, August 11, 2010

manifesting the dream we want to live.

Fear of success is for those who don't believe in themselves... I'm more of a Viking. Victory Favors the BOLD! My Mom used to say "If you can conceive it, Then you can achieve it!" That taught me a powerful lesson..."If concepts rhyme then they must be true". Get out there and make your dream a reality!

We spend most days surrounded by children.

Finding crowds and entertaining them using a tool box full of tricks, delights and jokes gathered over many years. Olive is new to the game but from the gate she was a "Natural". Now (two years in) she is a clever entertainment professional.

Do you think this band knows and Lee Greenwood songs about God and Country? You bet they do.

See olive? I do...i can close the gap in seconds if i need to.

We did manage to get a "Wheres Waldo?" moment.see him?

for some reason the drinking fountains downtown were set really high and they were full of chlorine yuck!

Did someone put a panty on the Hawthorne Bridge?


Who in the world would pay someone to cram a 16 penny nail in his head???That Idea sounds CRAZY!

The man who made this would.

Yesterday this guy came over to my house. This is Curtis he came all the way from Vancouver WA. to trade me a Bed of Nails for a Rubber Chicken Painting. The B.O.N. was so well crafted and thought out I also gave him another big detailed Chicken drawing Called "Summer Olympics".I am so happy about that parlay.

It's hard to make me laugh...I'm in funny business so I hear them all.. but Curtis is really funny. This bright, local juggling entertainer had me cracking up! Look what side of the fence he is on and where we are. On his side the man is getting payed and all the crowd needs to do is apreciate him. On our side of the fence we have to call a crowd, entertain them and then somehow convince them to pay us. Good work on a fine career C.C. And I LOVE his two hot assistants!

We did lots of clowning but since it's just the two of us there are only before and after pics.

Back to South East Portland!

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