Thursday, July 29, 2010

See ya at Last Thursday!

Balloons by day Jousting all night!

Division Street parade!

What do I say to someone who stays in character for a long parade? "Wanna job?"

Look at the bike on the left!


Olive's "Pleasure trail Cam".

Two tall bikes + one brave volunteer now I just need to add Fire, a ramp, some funny back story and a crowd. Then we will be well on our way to performing" the ramp of death" at the Portland International Speedway in September.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I bet I would sell more Oranges than balloons doing this...

While Olive sits at a table doing Legal research I'm out poking and prodding methods to find our windfall.
This day was slow. To make sure we stay on top I had to resort to a crummy tactic I hate... "engaging uninterested parties" thats bad but it works. The only thing is it's too close to begging to be any fun and too much work to think I'm getting away with something.See me? I'm in this image hawking swords across the street.
People think I can do lots of balloons...that is an illusion. It looks like I do a bunch of different ones because I do a lot of them.
Olive and I can fill an entire rock concert with balloons that are the colors of the band...but they are mostly just straight long ones. Olive is the artist....I'm a huckster.

The truth is I can only do a few simple shapes... I'm just betting that I can convince you that you want the ones I can do.
I was paying so much attention to my Blue/White color scheme that I accidentally fumbled the punctuation on my sign. One Oclock Dollars?
I didn't notice until I posted this pic on Facebook and Endi saw it and made a comment.
So 21 people in the hour I had this sign thought they were buying a balloon sword from (I'm guessing) a retarded person.

I don't mind not making much money because I'm only gathering information in a tough place that I wouldn't want Olive in anyway.
I'm looking for a red light thats long enough to make a $3 balloon animal, looking to see if and when the passing cars want a balloon. I'm looking for shade, parking, support from local shops and I would LOVE to put the Homebums who dwell on corners out of business.
If there is a $400 a day corner in Portland I want to be the first to find it!

Like what we do? Here is our virtual tip jar

80 years young party in Lake Oswego gig

Summer is for family friendly gigs that are mostly outdoors.
Winter is all about Burlesque and Open mics indoors.

I couldn't make this gig but Rootbeer was well liked and she came home with $90 and half a watermelon! Not bad solo girl!

new Rootbeer fans...

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm teaching a new clown some old tricks.

Meet my friend Sammy.

I don't know why I decided to show her some cool tricks that i wouldn't just give up for anyone.
Maybe because I can smell potential in her...

Maybe because she is charming and eager....

Maybe there is just something I like about her face.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A shaky view from handlebars exactly 6' up from the street.

Handlebar-cam is on "The Behemoth" a giant bike built by Topher Moore and driven by Dingo Dizmal. This has been Dingo's daily ride for 4 years or so.
On this Day 7/25/10 D.D. and his partner Olive Rootbeer are dropping from SE Portland to the Sunday Market (downtown) on the other side of the Willamette River. The job is finding a crowd, making balloons, entertaining, posing for photos and promoting other events.
If you can take it...Part 1 is a great view of SE Hawthorne BLVD.Imagine riding a ladder down a busy street at high speeds.

now down the Hawthorne Bridge!

once at work...It's all about finding the money.

This guy kept the people very happy.

delightful children today!

Guarding Rootbeer...She attracts a lot of attention...the attention we want is kids Mommies and Daddies, we don't want to be noticed by bums, junkies, crazies or Bull male humans looking for penis parking.Thats why it's good to have a Dingo in the shade. Y'know who I meet in the shade during Summer? Other Texans.

Other prts of my job entail getting water, balloons, keeping her fingers loose, kissing, pretty much whatever Olive wants for Balloons I'm HER employee.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

SE Clinton and 21st. Portland OR.

This is Jon Dutch inhaling four slices of greasy pizza faster than any other contender.

On one side I had Sara Collins (very nice) and on the other a guy who smelled like his bag of deposit cans mixed with ashtray. (Nauseating!)
I wanted to win since I host so many eating contests and never get to compete. I was beat fair and square by Dutch and then four other dudes!
They did kick me down a Hammy's Pizza Tshirt that was swell.
I'm gonna practice and be back next year!