Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wide Open Mic tonight! Muddy Waters Coffee House 29th and Belmont SE

FOOD FRIENDS FUN! Yes lads and ladies it's time for another wild installment of the olde Wide open Mic a Muddy's. Amazing who turns up and what acts arrive, pORTLAND REALLY COMES OUT FER this one.

3 songs or 10 min slots go down till 10 or 11 pm. singer songwriters, stand up comics, interpretive dance! Some folks just hop on over and draw or do art while people do day thang.

Sometimes well know or popular acts play the open mic because they are guaranteed a crowd in a city FULL of things to do.

We have beer, hot food, cold food, coffee drinks!

29th and Belmont strts at 6.5 sign up is at 6 so don't tarry!

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