Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hard boiled egg eating contest ..

They volunteered to sit in front of the cocktail seating of Dante's inferno room in Portland Oreegon and each each from a plate of a dozen large, hard boiled eggs.

The rules: Finish first or finish most. Throwing up is a lose.
The Prize: A full Zippo lighter with an 8 ball and a skull.
The catch:We picked eggs because we know it's not possible to eat 12 of them without puking!
Thank you so much Mr.Richter for finding puke buckets and dealing with them afterwards. I thought I would be cleaning puke at nights end but I never ended up even smelling any.Thank You Sir, as usual you earned your pay!!!!

Judges confer...Both threw up during the event but the guy from Wolfmother puked first so the lady (his date?) wins the Zippo Lighter!!!!!She held her grits a good long time...I was so happy.

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