Friday, November 06, 2009

First day runaway!

Ahhh my luck to find a runaway during the first few hours of emancipation.
I beheld her face and noticed the familiar expressions that runaways have fear, excitement, resolve and concentration...I didn't have to see all the bags to know what was up.
I asked her "Laundry day?" pointing to her bags and she whispered "I ran away" and this gypsy king thought "LUCKY ME! YAAAAY FREE SLAVE!"I put her right to work.

Aw man don't think I'm all "Like That" I actually showed her my bike house that was deployed nearby.I have been staying a few clicks away and the little pad isn't getting as much use from me as last year.

The deal is;she can crash in my bike house as long as she passes out about 10 0r 20 show fliers a day.

Hope it all works out for her.

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