Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick OR Treating with BRUCE!

He is simple, he is complicated, he is the legend BRUCE BATMAN!

His sister went out with her new tweenage friends so he was stuck stalking the night with Dad and Olive Rootbeer.

His name is Bruce and he has NO problem meeting the challenges of the night.

So what the hell is Halloween anyway?

Bruce may have been trick or treating with a group last year but he sure don't remember it. He spent all day both wishing people a "Happy Halloween" and asking me what the heck is Halloween?"
We took him out on the town and he got his first taste of TorT with this creepy fellow.
He didn't really get it and he didn't know what the bag was for. He wouldn't say "TRICK OR TREAT" and he would only say "Thank You" to me and not the victims.

As we walked I told him the rules of the game as it works for him...They arn't giving candy away boy...they are buying the words "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" and paying in candy. If you don't say those words you are just stealing.

He was brave...he had to go up by himself and "Wing it" he conquered his fear and just went to it. I feel like this is good training for being a Dingo's son.

Thrice he was impulsed to run into the people's houses, they just looked at him stunned or they laughed and promptly threw his little ass out.

Eventually he got the hang of it and it went a lot smoother. At one point he got the clue and told a lady "All of you have candy"!
But after that he got bitchy about the candy, telling me in his own way to keep my shithooks off of it. The funny part is, is that with his allergies he can't eat any of that candy. He just hoarded it, let it fall through his fingers and laughed like an ork guarding gold it could never spend.

Some of the people had little electronic devices that lived on the porch and to scare the hell out of little kids as they walked by.... Bruce took it like a man. A very small, frighted man. But the boy persevered.

Stopping at home to dump the load. We didn't want people to see the bag TOO full.
He was running fast and fell hard to the ground. Lucky for him his bag was full so it broke his fall.

"This is FUN!" Bruce went WACKO WACKO on Halloween spirit. He ran around yelling how fun it was...

...but the poor exhausted Batman passed out before the second leg even began... Goodnight Bruce, and Happy Halloween son.

lotta people, good times at Muddys last Thur.

Justin reads while Joe blows.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bug eatery at Muddy Waters WIDE Open Mic night

The Bug Eating Contests arn't just for Circus Sideshow acts...there are gross people in cafes too!
I wanted to hold a contest that was (rated G) and it would have been if I wasn't so excited I kept yelling "MUTHA FUCKER!"

The prize... $5 cafe credit...the Bugs... canned Silk Worm Pupa...they look like little roaches and they come packed in stinky juice.

The rules are...NO Hands, at the start ya gotta eat all the bugs on the plate then slam the "bug juice" for the win.
This is "Challenger"

This is the "Champ"

I look good in brown!

Both ate all the bugs and drank all the "Bug Brine" Champ just did it a bit faster than Challenger. I respect both athletic individuals and I wish them well in the future

like what we do?

Wide Open mic night faces!